Rational Movements for change vs. Extreme Movements for change:

August 21, 2015 |

| 1 min read

The Humanity Party® (THumP®) does not endorse extreme ideologies or agendas. All of our proposals are rational and provide a solution to the problems that affect our world. We do not complain without offering a viable solution to our complaints.

We invite all people everywhere, who are following other movements, which offer no viable solutions to their complaining and protests, and which solicit for donations to enrich their organizers without any effect on the problems they target, to join us.

Ask your leaders, pundits, or representatives this question: “If you really have a solution that will work, why haven’t any of you campaigned for political office?” THumP® will offer representatives of the Humanity Party® if enough people respond to the movement to write in “The Humanity Party®”.

To understand THumP®’s platform and the solutions we offer, study the information here on humanityparty.com.

Have courage. Accept our challenge. If your leaders, organizers, pundits, or experts are really who they claim to be, they would take the challenge.

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