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The following are actual comments of the Polish people, followed by the official response from THumP®:

“I would not want such a large number of them [immigrants] in our country. Not 12 thousand, and only refugees, not economic migrants.”

“Of course [asked if against immigration]. We need to protect our own culture and help our countrymen, not people whose culture and religion is alien to us.”

“It’s a complex issue.”

“As it is today, letting them in is too big a risk. They are not controlled in any way. It’s an influx of hundreds of thousand people, who are only checked in Germany. No, it’s not even certain they are checked. This is how it’s done … Yes, the way this is being handled is appalling. The Polish state should in the first instance ensure the safety of its citizens. I do not envisage this to be possible in the way it has been organized”

“I am against migrants. I support helping refugees, but I am against migrants as they are parasites. In Switzerland, 90% of migrants are out of work.”

“We should love people, but wisely, and first of all ensure our own safety. Because if someone is responsible for their country, they protect their own nation first. And only then do they think how to help and what are the best methods of helping.”

“[Question asked by reporter: ‘So that’s what it is? Some fear, don’t know what of, aggression?’] No, not only. Mainly of disintegration of our culture. If the political situation in Poland is such that us Polish people cannot afford to have more children, and yet we invite people here who procreate relentlessly, we will soon have Muslim, not Polish majority here.”

“I believe that it’s the politicians who dealt with it appallingly, and are now trying to blame us for the situation, slagging off those who have a different opinion. This is reprehensible, they turned a blind eye. This has been going on for a long time. Lots of migrants in Italy, and it is out of control. And what did they do? Nothing. Instead of setting up some sort of camps on the border and conduct a proper selection. How can they just let people in without paperwork? I don’t understand. They just enter with no control. How is that Schengen [An intergovernmental agreement on the relaxation of border controls between participating European countries signed in 1985]? What kind of borders are they? What are they talking about?”

“I lived abroad for a few years, I saw what is going on there. I wouldn’t want that to happen here in Poland. [Reporter asks, ‘And what was going on abroad?’] I had dealings with Muslims. So far they are still afraid of Poles and the Russians. We are not their first choice, but if they arrive here I think they could be troublesome. [Reporter asks, ‘Have you got this impression that Poland is waking up now, in this moment? Poland and its citizens?’] Yes, I think so. I think that is the case. As you can see behind us [referring to the crowd of protesters]. What this is about is that we can of course accept migrants, but only Christians. Ours is Christian society, not Muslim. They do not integrate with us. I know it from experience, so I don’t need anyone to explain to me or show what it looks like, here in those pictures. I have seen it with my own eyes. I know what is happening in the EU and the West, so I don’t believe it is good for us for them to be here, in this country.”

“In my opinion, Poland should not accept as many of them, we don’t need to comply in everything. Some how the Nord Stream gas pipeline has bypassed us. Germany and France have it, and we don’t. Yes, we don’t have to comply when it comes to migrants.”

“[Reporter asks a man with his young daughter, ‘Are such demonstrations necessary? Can you see Poland is waking up?’] I lived abroad for 15 years and I have seen what is going on there. I don’t want that for my daughter. This is a cesspool. What they are saying on TV that those people will assimilate, and if will be normal, is propaganda. It’s a lie. We will forever have to support them. They will set up ghettos. We need to keep talking about the rapes in Sweden, about Rochdale in England. It is still not common knowledge in Poland but there is cities with 100k inhabitants. 10-20% of young girls have been raped. And the people who talked about it were called Fascists for bringing it up. That’s why we are here [protesting]. [Reporter asks, ‘So when they present in the media, it’s only propaganda?’] Yes, only propaganda and lies. I lived abroad, I came here and it feels like I am in Russia another RT. That is Russian Television. It’s exactly the same propaganda. Same propaganda here as it is there. I am shocked. Yes, I am really shocked. When you read independent newspapers, watch independent media, it is completely different. It’s unacceptable.”

[One interview with a man who supports immigration:] I am for. In my opinion those people will provide our pensions. They will work here and pay taxes, and so on, right? [Reporter asks, ‘Migrants will pay into your pension?’] Yes, among other things.”

“[Reporter asks, ‘Do our government and prime minister Ewa Kopacz consider the safety of the nation?] I think not. I am sorry but no. I am not here [protesting] because I don’t want to help people, I do want to help people but I am against EU rule. Poland is constantly humiliated by the EU. We were humiliated after WWII. They divided our borders without us knowing, without us. They imposed Stalin’s rule on us. They isolated us without our say. They divided Germany at their will. And now they are dictating how many migrants we are to accept. This is just bending our knees. If we agree to it, and we are a proud nation, it will be bending our knees before the EU.”

“They come to the European countries and rely on benefits. Those migrants who come are not refugees but simply terrorist European countries already experienced a terrorist attack in the London tube, in Munich, among others and still have not learned their lesson, they still let them in. Hungary so far is the only country trying to oppose, but have met with Schulz’s strong disapproval.”

“Do not record it. We don’t want those barbarians in Poland. [Reporter asks, ‘I Is it not oversimplification though, that all migrants are barbarians?’] Look at what is happening in France, the UK and Germany. We don’t need the same experiences. This is why we have access to different media. [Reporter says, ‘Media, pff!’] Well we have what we have, but can see what is happening in Marseille for instance, and other beautiful cities. What is happening in Italy. So I don’t understand why we should experience it first-hand. It’s better to prevent. Be wise beforehand not after. [Reporter asks, ‘And you seriously don’t want to pay for migrants? Why?’] Well, this is what I am trying to explain, that they are not coming here in those rubber boats to work for us, for my pension, but to rely on different types of benefits. And they are not coming here to make me happy, but themselves. They are fleeing from extreme poverty which they create themselves by not doing anything.”

“I am against migrants from the Middle East. Because they are largely Muslims who do not respect our laws and culture. [Reporter responds, ‘Ok, so if they declared that they would accept all laws, religion, etc., you would agree [to let them immigrate to Poland]?’] Well, first they would have to respect the laws in France or Germany, and then we can start thinking about it.”

“I think [Poland is] waking up and the large number of young people taking part in this demonstration is evidence of that. People who want to preserve tradition, who remember those who died in the Warsaw Uprising, WWII, who fought in Monte Cassino and other great battles … about the Polish pilots from the 303 Division, and so on. Kudos to those young people.”

“Well, the are alien civilization to us which is threatening us. I don’t want to have children in a country where there are Muslims, because I am afraid of it. I am concerned about my children and my family. [Reporter responds, ‘But Ewa Kopacz says they are very kind and friendly.’] I don’t give a damn about what Ewa Kopacz says. Well, people who are no in charge of Brussels, in Poland, they would go to prison in a free Poland. They will go to prison. They will pay for everything.”

“[Reporter asks, ‘What is your comment on what the leader of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz said that Poland will be forced to take migrants if it doesn’t comply?*’] This is appalling what they are doing. Absolutely appalling and we should have left the EU a long time ago. If we are to pay into the EU budget almost 10 billion PLN [Polish Zloty] next year according to the new budge regulations, we are becoming a net payee. We have been for the last three years. And they are trying to convince us that we are getting good subsidies from the EU.”

“His [Martin Schulz’s] words* are very outrageous and show that we are not independent.”

“It’s [EU requirement that Poland accept immigrants] a scandal!”


THumP®’s response:

The history of Poland is ripe with a history of uprising and war. The Polish people have always been proud of their national heritage and their ability to resist foreign invasion and occupation. Yet, without the help of other nations, Poland, as well as most of Europe, could have been under the control and laws of a country whose national pride and sovereignty at the time threatened all of Europe: Germany’s Third Reich.

The Polish people could not then, and cannot now, defend themselves from abusive powers. It takes a unity of people, under a unified government, to prevent such abuses and invasions from occurring. This was one of the main goals of establishing the European Union (EU). Without its unity and strength, Poland would be left vulnerable.

However, the main purpose for the UNION was initially based on economic reasons.

The Union was called the European Economic Community (EEC) at its inception. The idea was to allow people to feel a sense of national pride, independence and sovereignty, while the wealthy 1% corporate owners and financiers established laws (called trade agreements) that benefited them, first, and ostensibly, then, the people. (The exact same process and reasons were behind the formation of the United States of America.)

Having a union of trade agreements (international laws) allows corporations to make more profit and extend their pool of labor needed to create that profit. This is how jobs are created. Without the EU, Poland and many of the other countries that are now united under the EU, would be experiencing extreme financial problems, leading to economic depressions of unprecedented difficulties.

It doesn’t matter what your politicians say or what the media, independent or otherwise, report; without the trade agreements made between the European nations, there would be financial chaos and extreme poverty throughout Europe. New politicians spout rhetoric that they want to change how the EU is run. But once these naive and ignorant politicians are elected, they are quickly educated to the complexity of maintaining national sovereignty and domestic economic security, as well as military protection and security against stronger nations.

The Middle East does not have this unity. The Middle East, unlike the West, has no legal or legitimate means of creating economic unity among its nations. The result: migration to flee extreme poverty, slavery, and human desperation caused by the lack of hope.

We are all humans.

The following is from the Humanity Party®’s official introduction:


The Polish people who were interviewed above have a skewed and unrealistic view of the migration situation that faces the EU. Their fear is spread from misinformation and personal pride and selfishness.

However, THumP® supports personal pride and selfishness, as far as it does not impede the personal pride and selfishness of others. The migrant people from the Middle East also have pride and selfishness. The Polish people will fight to preserve their pride and do whatever is necessary to protect themselves and their loved ones, just like the Middle Eastern people are trying to do.

Many of the Polish people, predominantly their youth, do not understand Poland’s controversial history. Before 1989, Poland was a Communist country. Communism has never worked as a proper form of economic power for a free, prideful, and selfish people (accepted human nature). After the fall of Polish Communism, a great number of Poles migrated to other countries (the UK, Germany, Ireland, etc) in search of better work conditions and economic opportunities. The EXACT same reasons for which Middle Eastern migrants desire to immigrate to Europe.

The reason why the Polish people are currently enjoying relative peace and prosperity (social benefits, pensions, etc.) is because they belong to the EU, which is managed by the powerful 1%, and for good reason. But as is the case in all of the world, unless a proper and united government is formed to control the economic means that people need to have their basic needs met, Poland will also begin to see the gap between the rich and the poor widen that eventually pushes out the middle class.

If a Worldwide United Government is not formed for economic purposes, first, and security, second, Poland will eventually experience the very thing that the Middle East people are experiencing: more poverty, more revolution, more hopelessness, more drugs to alleviate hopelessness, and less personal freedom.

Unite with us, people of Poland. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

THumP® has the solutions.

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