The Humanity Party®s solution to the opioid epidemic

August 2, 2017 |

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Opioid commission to Trump: Declare state of emergency

The opioid epidemic is a symptom of a sickness: a broken human society.

The reason why opioids have become such an “overnight” epidemic is because they are produced by pharmaceutical companies that profit from their production and sale.

Easy solution in ONE DAY:

The U.S. Congress can pass a law TOMORROW that bans the production and sale of all synthetic opioids. If they do, the Senators and Congress Representatives will lose the support and campaign contributions of the pharmaceutical companies.

Put The Humanity Party® politicians in power and we’ll stop the epidemic … and replace it with something that just might cure the cause: a broken human society without hope and full of depression.

And, until the cause is cured, we will offer alternatives to address the symptoms: THE LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA and other natural drugs that a person can grow in their own home for FREE.

Many of the deaths from opioids are the result of the illegal sale and transfer of the drugs, not their legal use for actual chronic pain disorders.

After a further review by THumP®’s Board of Directors, here are the first five steps that a THumP® government would take to solve the opioid epidemic:

1. Give all people the Basic Necessities of Life, FREE of charge. Most of the misery experienced by people comes from the job that they are FORCED to do out of necessity. Providing people with the freedom of choice to pursue individual happiness as they perceive happiness, will greatly reduce the hopelessness and emotional strain modern slavery causes human beings. Drug use is dependent on the user’s emotional health.

2. Decriminalize ALL drug use, of any kind. Enact stronger laws against unscrupulous doctors and drug manufacturers, not laws against the people who take them. Fund FREE rehabilitation centers throughout the United States, making these centers safe, secure, free, beautiful places where one would want to go and stay to get help with their addiction.

3. Regulate the medical fields with pragmatic and humane laws that protect the people. Doctors will no longer be allowed free reign to prescribe the medications to people who don’t need the medication.

4. Fund the research and development of drugs that help the chronically ill, however they need to be helped, but regulate how doctors prescribe the medication. Once prescribed, the financial transaction is followed, because the government pays for all prescribed medications with THumP®’s single-payer health insurance plan.

5. Control the money supply. Eliminate a cash based economy by eliminating all cash transactions. Eliminate, by law, any form of a financial transaction that isn’t government regulated. This would allow the government to track every financial transaction, of any kind. This would greatly impede the black market and virtually eliminate the illegal drug trade. Because all financial transactions are transparent and subject to government oversight, no person can sell their prescribed medication to another without realizing that their financial transaction is recorded and monitored.

The Humanity Party® has the solutions.

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