Can you hear the SOS?

April 9, 2017 |

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ABBA’s 1975 single plays over the stereo loudly “Where are those happy days, they seem so hard to find. I tried to reach for you, but you have closed your mind. Whatever happened to our love? I wish I understood. It used to be so nice; it used to be so good. So, when you’re near me, darling can’t you hear me, SOS?”

Today the familiar lyrics take on strident meaning after recent report of more deaths from another chemical bomb and a father burying his twin toddlers, wife, and family members, who wants the world to see what is happening. Another nuclear test sets off media inquiries, which leads a diplomat to express his weariness of the subject, and the week ends with more bombs.

One of the nation’s most prestigious financial institutions, JPMorgan, published a lengthy letter outlining that “something is wrong” in America.” Namely,the scrapping of trade agreements, the immigration crackdown, anti-globalization sentiment, more money going to defense rather than economics, and the rollback of clean air and water initiatives, to name a few.

A partisan Supreme Court candidate’s battle concluded with a GOP announcement that it would change Senate vote requirements, thus avoiding a filibuster and assuring their candidate passage. Ironically, they called the move a “nuclear option.” This should demonstrate to Americans how easily long-held policies can change when the motivation exists.

ABBA’s lyrics continue (with changes to illustrate a point) “How can I, you, us, the world, even try to go on? You seem so far away. We’re all alive, but something’s dying, I fear. So when you’re near me dear, nothing else can save us, S.O.S.” No shortage of problems beset the world today. Urgent ‘S-ave O-ur S-elves’ cries come from all corners of the planet. The best rescue plan for people in order to carry on is as near as reading the proposals here on our website.

Governments, armies, and other humanitarian organizations in solidarity could bring all citizens and any devastated areas the emergency supplies, services, and protection they need, thus demonstrating real human compassion. Supplying people with necessary FBNL® (Five Basic Necessities of Life) HumanECard®s would immediately help anyone start anew and induce business interests to join and profit in rebuilding cities.

JPM endorses good trade relations between nations: “Improving political and economic relationships can be good for both parties” and “Mexico is a long standing peaceful neighbor and it’s wholly in our country’s interest that Mexico be a prosperous nation.” Doesn’t it make sense that Earth, after all, is a large blended family participating in global economics?

The Humanity Party® platform proposes Constitutional reform and legislation, affirming fair trade cooperation and agreements between nations for the benefit of all people. Global systems can only improve when nations understand “every dollar (etc.) spent on battle is a dollar that can’t be used elsewhere” (JPM). Supplied with lifelong FBNL®  HumanECard®s, people would have greater disposable income to support and expand national and worldwide equitable social-capitalism, unlike any other time in history.

Nations would prosper, people would be happier, war/terror would be eliminated, and peace would be established. Humans would care for and protect Earth’s environment to benefit their existence and the only politics/policies left would be those favorable to all people equally. It could be so good, if people would hear… and the love you’ve shown us, nothing else can save us, The Humanity Party® is our world’s S.O.S!

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