One Human Family With One Mother—a World Government and One World Law and Order—The ONLY Way To Peace and Security.  —THumP®

October 11, 2015 |

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(NOTE: The following is a consortium of excerpts from the Humanity Party®’s worldwide proposals to organize and effectuate the first worldwide political party. Check back in the future for the launch of THumP®’s worldwide proposals and platform.)

In order to have peace and security upon Earth, first, both must be possible. Peace is impossible without security. And security is impossible without peace.

Security is the guarantee that the individual is not threatened. The individual is threatened by, first, the lack of physical means to exist and, secondly, the inability to pursue and experience happiness—happiness being the fulfillment of self-worth and value.

The world’s governments and powers have pursued peace on Earth without success for thousands of years. Peace on Earth has never existed. Why? Because this world’s powers, which are man-made and controlled, have never provided, protected, and guaranteed the physical means to exist to all inhabitants equally—the FIRST step in feeling secure.
NOTHING is more important to a human being than having the ability to satisfy one’s basic physical needs.

Adults are simply aged infants. Over the years of “human maturation,” nothing has changed in the want and need to be physically satisfied. From the moment of birth, the natural human response to the lack of food, shelter, clothing, and aid when sick, is the loss of emotional stability and control. Babies cry, flay their arms, and are emotionally agitated because they don’t have the physical strength to provide for themselves. Infants are not quieted until their physical needs are met. When adults lose their emotional stability and control, they (now having the physical strength to do so) respond with violence towards others in search of fulfillment. Adults are simply children crying out in a different way.

The greatest impediment to understanding the security needs of the people of Earth is the belief that at a certain age they become mature adults who should take care of themselves. From birth, animals are taught to take care of themselves, or to work cooperatively with each other for the sake of the herd. What human being, from birth, is taught these things? Humans are catered to and provided for by nurturing parents … or rather they are expected to be.

Humans learn differently from animals. Humans recognize their self-importance. They exist, not for the perpetuation of the species, but for the individual. Human children learn from experience to depend on other humans for all of their needs—both emotional and physical. Besides the need to have their physical needs met, more powerful than any other emotion is the human need to be recognized and valued as an individual. Infants jockey for attention and become emotionally frustrated when a rival sibling or any other threatens their individuality.

Again, the governments and powers of this world have failed and are failing to bring peace on Earth because they first fail to provide basic security to the individual. In order to provide security for human beings, a government MUST exist SOLELY to provide security for the individual, which only then can lead to an emotional situation that will induce peace. In order to do this properly, efficiently, and successfully, ALL HUMAN BEINGS MUST BE TREATED LIKE LITTLE CHILDREN! THEIR BASIC PHYSICAL NEEDS MUST BE MET, FIRST, THEN THEIR EMOTIONAL NEEDS MUST BE ACCOUNTED FOR AND PROTECTED! Thus feeling secure, as they did when they were little children, people will begin to see each other, and play with each other, as they did when they were little children.

Governments become inefficient bureaucracies because their leaders and lawmakers believe that they are leading mature, experienced, and educated adults. This is a government’s first mistake.

Throughout history, religion—of various kinds and philosophies mingled with scriptures—has controlled governments. Well do the world’s religions refer to humans as “children of God.” In a religious context, people certainly are not considered “adults of God.” The religious implication throughout the world is that all humans are dependent upon a God, a Heavenly Father—an adult who loves them, cares for them, nurtures them, and provides for them. If there were such a Being, that One has abandoned His children. Furthermore, if religion were true to human form, and consistent with God’s image reflected in human beings, it would seem much more reasonable and prudent that God MUST be a woman—a mother, a nurturer, a provider, a protector, not only of her own children, but of others. But the world’s religions got it right. God must be a male. This would make sense when applied to the results that we are now experiencing on Earth: war, division, lack of nurture, and lack of compassion except for one’s own.

What if all religious belief revolved around a female omnipotent God, and all humans were viewed as Her children? Since religious beliefs are responsible for most, if not all, man-made laws, wouldn’t it benefit humans if all laws were female-made? What if all governments and laws were set up to benefit the child, from the moment of birth to the moment of death? Women mourn differently than men do; and therefore, the loss of a child, or the cries of a child in need that affect a woman, would result in a different response than a man’s. This is not because a man is affected any less, but because men are conditioned and expected to respond differently … as men. Thus have all religions developed around the idea of a male god figure. And thus is the condition of this world.

The Humanity Party® (THumP®) is the world’s political party. Its premise is to unite the people of the world into one family unit, where there exists just one government (our mother) that cares for all of us as equal children, no matter how many years we’ve existed upon Earth.

As we proceed to introduce this new world political party, we will refer to it with a female undertone. It would behoove us to include in Her (THumP®) worldwide constitutional proposals that ONLY women can be in positions of government. Men have had their chance for millenniums, and look what they have done! Although this is not practical; yet, it would be preferable. However, THumP® will propose that an equal number of women to men wield worldwide constitutional authority and power.

Still, one does not have to be a female to possess feminine characteristics of love, compassion, and nurture. Males also possess these attributes. Gay men act more like women than straight men do. Therefore, it would benefit the world if we considered the gentle nature exhibited by gay men in comparison to that exhibited by straight men; and in this consideration, allowed an equal number of gay representatives proportionate to their numbers among us.

THumP® will protect and promote the rights of a human being to love others like a woman does.

Again, men have had their chance. The people of Earth have been subjected to their authority and ways, to their religions, to their gods, to their temperament and egos. It’s about time we let Mother Earth be who She is!

The Humanity Party® is the ONLY Way to world peace.

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