It’s Time for the United States to Start Worrying About a Saudi Collapse

October 10, 2015 |

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Foreign policy and outcomes DO and WILL affect Americans’ daily life. Nevertheless, few, if any, Americans take note and follow what is occurring in the Middle East.

This article, which most people will never see or read, because ego, apathy and personal prejudice keep many American’s fixated and trusting In their preferred sources of news and ‘truth’, (i.e., mainstream media, political and religious groups, and ego-driven small groups of friends and peers [Facebook®)]), IS ONE OF THE MOST PROFOUND, CLEAR AND DETAILED EXPOSÉS EVER WRITTEN about the problems facing the Middle East.

If you really … not passively … but really care what is happening in the world, which will ultimately affect your daily life, especially in your paycheck, you would read and pay attention. Follow THumP®’s posts and explanation of world news and reports. THumP®’s Board of Directors are some of the most informed, intelligent and experienced humans who live and who have ever lived upon Earth. THumP®’s purpose is to inform the people. Thus THumP® highly recommends reading this article to understand the world’s situation more clearly. Educate yourself on the REAL facts, not the backroom bickering and ego-driven opinions of the uninformed, which seems to be the purpose of Facebook®.

As you read the article, pay attention to this part:

“…On top of its growing fiscal problems, the kingdom’s economy continues to be burdened by a rash of other ailments as well. Saudis under the age of 30 make up two-thirds of the population and approximately 30 percent of them don’t have jobs. And while hard numbers are difficult to get, reports of astonishingly high poverty rates among native Saudis persist, with some suggesting it could be as much as 25 percent.”

The REAL TRUTH is, “… Saudis under the age of 30 [who] make up two-thirds,” who actually have jobs, work in menial jobs that do not support their desire to become financially independent and valued in Saudi society as “successful.” Over the past 50 years, the Saudis have been bitten by the “American Dream” bug … which in this case could be properly called, the “Saudi Dream”. Those who don’t have jobs, as well as those who do, are accustomed to the older generation’s prosperity and economic security. The rise of Islamic terrorism in the Middle East is a DIRECT RESULT of the hopelessness of the generation under 30 years-old.

Because they were raised with the idea that success and happiness is directly related to financial means, their expectations of life have been set and codified. When expectations exist that are not met, hope intervenes. Faith in the fact that their parents achieved success drives their hope. But reality is, no where in the world will the next generation of 30 somethings achieve what their parents did. When hope fails, they turn to faith. Their religion provides them with faith, thus transforming their human perspective into a religious perspective of our Prophet and God is the greatest and everyone else’s is a threat to our Prophet and God, which threatens our faith, and directly affects our hope for a better life.

The entire world has become financially interconnected in so many ways. What affects one nation WILL affect all others.

The Humanity Party® has the solutions: One World Government, a New World Order*, and a unification of all nations under one cause: equality, liberty, and justice for all the inhabitants of Earth.


*Ironically, the religious-minded are greatly offended by the concept of a One World Government and a New World Order. Blinded and deafened by their religion, because their faith and hope revolve around their religious beliefs, they do not see the relevance and significance of pursuing these things as the ONLY course to world peace and security. Truly it is religion (all religion of every type) that is destroying our world.

It’s Time for the United States to Start Worrying About a Saudi Collapse

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