Mr. Sanders tells the real truth

October 4, 2015 |

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Mr. Sanders tells the real truth. As a U.S. Senator for so many years, he knows his policy proposals WILL fail and he will end up a “lame-duck” U.S. President who brings more controversy and division to government than change. Nothing would be worse for this country right now than Bernie Sanders as President. He should be explaining how government REALLY works … as he broaches in this short video. He knows. He doesn’t agree with it, but he knows. He has complained but has offered no lasting viable solutions to his complaints.

Nothing will change, nothing can change, until the U.S. Constitution is completely revised to reflect the protection of individual right to life and each individual’s pursuit of happiness, above all. Once protected, the Corporate World can continue to do what it does, because without it, the world’s economic structure would fail, there would be very few jobs, little innovation, and little progression. The wealthy MUST be allowed to do what they do and protected in how they do it. However, all humans should be equally protected and constitutionally guaranteed the FREE opportunity and ability of existence.

Nothing is more “grassroots” than the Humanity Party®.

Read the proposed new U.S. Constitution at

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