American Divine Exceptionalism

September 12, 2015 |

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American Divine Exceptionalism: The idea that promotes the attitude that there exists an omnipotent God who created the earth and chose one group of people over another.

It was American Divine Exceptionalism that opened up the Western Hemisphere to the rest of the world by justifying the invasion of a country, “blessing” that country in the name of the Christian god, destroying or enslaving the people who were not Christian (why not, they were going to hell anyway), and believing that God inspired the Founding Father’s of the world’s most Christian nation (per capita).

America is directly responsible for most of the Middle East problems. Can you imagine what would have happened had America supported pure democracy in the Middle East before 1840? There were three Arab Palestinians to each Jew in that area of the world. The Muslims would NOT have voted for a Jewish state. It was America’s support (of non-democratic policies) and insistence that created the foundation for the current state of Israel and the ensuing problems. America could have just as easily opened up the United States to Jewish immigrants who needed a safe and secure home. No. America policy supported Bible prophecy. Sigh …

America is directly responsible for a large part of the world’s poverty and inequality. The United States has under 5% of the world’s population and demands and gets 25% of the earth’s natural resources. Look at your clothes. Any particle. Trace its existence back to the natural resources required to make this piece of clothing. Think of the people who made it possible, most not benefiting in any way from the American way of life.

It’s like America created its own church, a great and abominable church; and gold and silver, and silks, and the fine-twined linen, and precious clothing, are the desires of this great and abominable church. America persecutes those who don’t belong to their church. The American lifestyle, its image, its standards, its numbers, and the mark it has left on the rest of the world has dug a great pit. And that great pit, which was dug for the American people by this great and abominable church, which was founded by their selfish human nature—yes, that great pit which hath been dug for the destruction of men, shall be filled by those who dug it, unto their utter destruction; not the destruction of the soul, save it be the casting of it into a hell which hath no end (but, no big deal, Americans have a pill for that)  This is according to the captivity of natural human desire, where that personal desire is much more important than its impact on the whole; and also according to the justice of our conscience, our innate humanity, the American way being an affront to our pure humanity. Americans have sold the sign and token of their humanity for money.

If there were a God, wouldn’t it be a God of equality, justice, and fairness? Wouldn’t a just God love all of its creations? So, let’s think up a new God, a new religion, that works for everyone. What would this new God do? What commandments would it mandate? Remember, this god is for EVERYONE EQUALLY!

Why not invent a God that is real to each person, that loves and accepts each person and allows each person to have their own religion, their own commandments, but the greatest commandment is that none of God’s commandments harms another human, and supports free will of all, equally …

Let’s look at what happened to us:

We have God. God supports our family. Our family supports our community. Our community supports our nation. So what happened to a God for everyone? What if your family is not like my family? What if I am a gay man who, along with my husband, is a better father than most Christian fathers. What if God were gay? Maybe God is. “Oh no!“ say the religious ones, “God cannot be gay because its not natural and children don’t come through gay people.” Au contraire! Cloning and other advanced techniques, which use natural laws, also produce children, and it doesn’t hurt the poor woman.

Okay, we could go on and on.

This is a simple note to tell those of you who believe in God, family, and country, to go away, de-friend Voice of Humanity and stay away from us—you have a pit to fill.

If you’re one who believes in a God who loves all humans equally, granting all free will, without exception, then follow the Humanity Party™, it’s the true God’s political party. What is the true God? It is the God with whom we each are ONE. It is one who commands all that we do, all that we believe, all that we are. All things are delivered unto us by our Father; and no one knows the Father, the true God, unless we explain that God to others. Here you go, Christians:

“All things are delivered unto me of my Father: and no man knoweth the Son, but the Father; neither knoweth any man the Father, save the Son, and he to whomsoever the Son will reveal him.” (Matthew 11:27)

For it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you. (Matthew 10:20)

Do you realize the clues here? What was Christ really saying? Who understands you better than YOU? And isn’t it true that nobody knows the real YOU unless you reveal your true self to that person. What makes you speak, but YOU?

THumP® has the solutions. The Humanity Party® is truly God’s party, it’s like we’re a church, the church of the Lamb of God. And guess what? We don’t expect donations. Money plays no part in God’s true church. What part does it play in yours?

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