Section 7: Protecting the Earth


It is abundantly clear that the framers of the original U.S. Constitution and the government that became the result, did not account for the way that human life would affect the natural world. There are many details to consider in protecting human rights while at the same time protecting the earth’s environment. The Humanity Party® (THumP®) proposes the inclusion of an unprecedented requirement on the legislative powers of government:

​Article I, Section 1

c. Legislative powers shall be restricted to acts and procedures in the establishment of laws that support the wants and needs of the people proportionate to the support of the natural laws of Earth and its environs.

An easy example to clearly understand THumP®’s platform on environmental issues vs. human need is as follows:

There are concerned groups dedicated to the protection of the African elephant. Elephants are indiscriminately killed for nothing but their ivory tusks. Other wild animals are also slaughtered to meet the specific wants of certain humans. There is only one motivation in slaughtering an animal: money or survival. There is sound evidence that associates the increase in the illegal slaughter of animals to the economic problems of the local people. If the people don’t have enough food to eat, they will justify killing a wild animal instead of starving, or justify selling a small part of it for money to purchase food. Government must end human suffering and poverty before it can influence the people to protect other animals over themselves. Greed is not need. THumP® supports government intervention into and the protection of Earth’s environment, by any means, IF the basic needs of the people are met primarily and proportionally.

​THumP® does not support radical environmental groups that place human safety and need below that of any plant or animal upon Earth. We believe that Earth’s environment was meant to be controlled for the benefit of its greatest life form—the human being. However, if in benefiting from it, humans destroy the environment by improper use, then it will eventually become of no benefit to us. A balance must be reached so that humans can continue to benefit from Earth’s nature while supporting its survival. This must be done by government, its laws, its finances, and its force. But above all, humanity must remain a government’s number one priority.

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7: Protecting the Earth
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