Watch 1,400 US workers learn their jobs are moving to Mexico

February 13, 2016 |

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This is what happens when wealthy business owners are threatened with higher taxes, more government oversight, and every other complaint the 99% has about the rich. The wealthy MUST also be supported in their desire for wealth and profit. And they have every right to play the economic game for their own gain. But what about the 99% and their ability to find work to provide them with the basic necessities of life? And what types of jobs will be left in the U.S. when businesses move jobs out of the country?

Soon the U.S. middle class will join the lowest class and rampant poverty will exist in the U.S.A. U.S. employment opportunity will be relegated to the types of jobs that are unskilled and pay very little.

The solution is to change the U.S. Constitution so that law guarantees every person free basic necessities of life. People need to live. Once living, then if the 99% want to play the profit game and join the wealthy, they can according to their free will. And having their basic necessities met, they will have the time to compete and work in the marketplace, not because they’re forced to in order to survive, but because they choose.

THumP® has the answers. Bernie Sanders does not. Bernie Sanders and his empty promises of attacking the wealthy will only drive more business out of the country.

Watch 1,400 US workers learn their jobs are moving to Mexico

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