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August 26, 2015 |

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This horrific incident (shown in the video above: NOTE: video was removed. It showed the shooting of a reporter and her cameraman. via: is only the beginning of what will soon escalate throughout the United States. The U.S. will one day become the world’s most violent nation because of domestic terrorism. Why? Because many Americans value and are determined to retain their right to possess guns; and whereas many people have lost hope in humanity, these same guns will be turned against the American people. Without a hope in humanity, the hopeless act inhumanely, contrary to their own conscience.

There is no leader in power, nor among those who are seeking power, who has a plan to confront U.S. domestic terrorism. The American people are in a deep sleep, a sleep that will soon escalate into a nightmare of hell. If America does not wake up and shake off the awful chains of ignorance and its apathy towards other humans, chains by which a great number of Americans are bound, they will be carried away captive by these chains down to an eternal gulf of misery and woe.

How did this come to be?

The United States comprises a part of the Earth that has been consecrated to those who inhabit it as a land of liberty. It has been a blessed land to all those who seek liberty, individual freedom, happiness, and equal justice for all humans … not only for Americans, but for all human beings upon Earth.

The majority of Americans are immigrants to this land. And if it they are true to their humanity, and show as sign and token of this humanity that they care about the lives of other people … again, not only for legal citizens, but for all human beings upon Earth … then America will continue to be a land of liberty and security for them, and they will never be brought down into captivity, fear, and daily turmoil, which is a hell and a gulf of misery and woe. If the majority of the American people lose their humanity and show as a sign of their pride, because of money (i.e., how are we going to pay for the immigrants) that only those who are “legal” citizens have a right to liberty, individual freedom, happiness, and equal justice, their security will be threatened.

If the American people lose their humanity because they have sold the sign and token thereof, because of their concern of money; after they have received such incredible opportunities; after they have been given the power of technology that makes their military the strongest and most efficient military in the world; after they have the ability to control the economy of the world; after they have been put up above all nations upon Earth; then, other nations will come to America and they will possess the land and take power over the people. Not by physical restraint, but by the very laws that protect the rights of the wealthy of other nations to purchase American land, buy up U.S. corporations, and are guaranteed and protected in this right by the U.S. Constitution, supported by its lawyers and judges. The foundation of the destruction of this people is beginning to be laid by the unrighteousness of your lawyers and your judges.

And those thus dispossessed of their freedoms and means will be among the American people, who are many; and like a young lion among the flocks of sheep that goes through the flock and treads them down and tears them in pieces, none will be able to stop them. They will reign terror among the American people in their places of business, in their churches, in their schools, in every venue that before they considered safe and secure.

The Republican candidate for U.S. President, Donald Trump, is a symptom of America’s lost values of true humanity. Many people resonate with Trump’s adverse and ill attitude towards the less fortunate who come to this country with the same hopes and aspirations as Trump’s ancestors had when they immigrated to America. Trump’s growing following and support demonstrates how many Americans have become calloused and hardhearted. American’s humanity has fallen.

How can anyone, who calls themselves a human, not be be concerned with the welfare of the suffering, no matter where they live upon the earth? Because of money? Have you sold the sign and token of your humanity for money? Has that basic instinct of love and respect for others, that which was instilled in us as little children, been sold out because of money?

Can we return to that emotional state, as we were as little children, when skin color, economic class, appearance, language, and nationality meant nothing to us as we accepted all as equal playmates on the playground of life? If we cannot, we do not deserve the blessings of life, liberty, individual freedom, happiness, and equal justice that many forbid to others because of the hardness of their hearts, blindness of their minds, and because of money.

If Trump prevails, and his ideologies continue to be the pulse of many Americans, this nation will fall to a level of disparity and hell that we have never experienced before.

The fruits of true humanity are kindness, compassion love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, and faith in the human ability to rise up and offer all people of Earth the hope that will quiet their souls and stop the violence.

THumP® has the solutions: Be a part of the solution: vote The Humanity Party® in the next election.

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