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May 16, 2016 |

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A woman who supports the Humanity Party® recently wrote the following in response to the negative reaction she has been receiving for supporting The Humanity Party®. The following demonstrates the intelligence of some of THumP®’s supporters:

I will vote for The Humanity Party® for the 2016 election for reasons I have written about previously in my blog and posted on my Facebook page and for many more reasons that I hope to address over time. In the meantime, I have had people accuse me of not listening to their arguments or ignoring the things they have pointed out to me…all apparent evidences that this plan will not work. I wanted to share what my feelings are about what I have read and heard.

In my mind, I can picture it something like this. I’m going to make a batch of delicious cookies. I set the ingredients out to begin: flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, eggs, milk, etc. I can picture the finished product. I know it will be wonderful. I tell people that I’m going to make cookies and they gather around to see what I’m doing. Then people start commenting like this, “It won’t work. You can’t do that. It’s been done before.”

I say, “What do you mean, it won’t work?”

“I’ve had eggs before. They don’t taste like cookies.”

“Flour is yucky. I won’t eat that.”

“Sure, sugar is sweet, but have you ever had baking soda? It’s nasty. It will never work.”

The comments continue. I say, “It will work. When the whole thing is mixed together it will make a delicious cookie. If I follow the recipe, all the ingredients will work together to make exactly what I want.”

Yet, it seems impossible to convince anyone because each individual ingredient is judged as if it were the whole. People drag out articles that have been written, share past experiences about that particular ingredient –

“Milk is runny. You can’t possibly pick it up and eat it. It will never be a cookie.”

Yes, there have been lots of things tried before that are now incorporated into the proposed constitution of The Humanity Party. Bits and pieces of what have seemed good ideas have been tried with the results not being what were anticipated. NEVER before EVER has the whole deal been tried together as a whole.

Printing money could cause inflation. That’s why anti-inflation regulations are put into place. Providing for the needs of others could become a hardship on others, if they are required to sacrifice their own means to do it. That’s why it isn’t done that way. Capitalism isn’t working. Communism hasn’t worked. No government plan has ever completely eliminated poverty and worked long term. THIS plan has NEVER been implemented. It incorporates the best ideas and joins them together in such a way that it can be a benefit to all.

I have never seen such a beautiful, clear, comprehensive plan that makes more sense to me. Everyone’s arguments seem as illogical to me as saying,

“Milk is runny. You can’t possibly pick it up and eat it. It will never be a cookie.”

If I throw out all the rhetoric, all the things that have been stuffed into my brain as being “impossible”, and just think things through with common sense. Is this possible? If I look at each piece and the way it is all woven together and connected, each part works together to benefit the whole. Each person’s freedom is considered. All personalities and temperaments are protected. This is a plan that will work for the whole and it has NEVER been tried before.

I will write in “The Humanity Party®” in 2016.

I welcome thoughts, questions, and discussions about it, done in kindness and with respect. I will listen thoroughly to every argument. I will consider all thoughts regarding this. So far, not a one has been able to change my mind because not a one has taken the whole thing together and been able to negate it to an extent that it makes sense to me.

I am convinced that by mixing all the ingredients together, we will have a most delicious cookie. It may seem ridiculous to many, but to me, it makes perfect sense.”

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