The World According to Human Worth

April 4, 2017 |

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Hate campaigns, crimes, images, policies, propaganda, rhetoric, speak, stories, and hate-thinking are omnipresent in our world today. Humanity is ostensibly awash in the emotion. News outlets attest to the psychopathology of hate gripping people everywhere. Yet the feeling simply stems from every human’s need to protect their individual value, each person feeling right. This self-protection often justifies the mistreatment of any other who threatens one’s sense of self-worth.

For the refugees of all ravaged nations, the forms of hate being experienced far surpass the type of treatment humans should ever endure from other humans. Anyone caught in a war zone facing civil uprising, war, starvation, and violent terror might flee. Yet refugees often find themselves reviled and rejected by governments where they’d hoped to find refuge and a new start.

Early during the last century, the world witnessed many wars and rumors of wars started by governments that marginalized certain groups of people and justified atrocities against them. Many policies and programs in effect today aim at similarly marginalized groups. The world has come so far since the last century, and yet perpetuating the old propaganda is affecting the same human miseries as it did then. A world seemingly appalled by past violations of our humanity today turns a blind eye to those prior same practices now committed by many governments. Hate’s path has transformed the victimized into victimizers in the name of self-preservation.

Global news sources regularly report the abhorrence of residents towards their governments for offering refugees assistance, or even offering the homeless resources in their own communities. Officials are met with vehement objections, booed, and at times threatened with impeachment. Many people believe government should not legislate social programs—that it is the role of communities, volunteers, charitable, and theological groups. Yet people complain, reject proposed solutions, and offer no sustainable options. Volunteers have never solved the problem. It will take a strong human-centralized government to do it.

The former and current rise of anti-immigration reforms, extreme conservative politics and platforms, unequal capitalistic objectives attacking human rights and liberties stem from the desire to protect self-worth and ego. Charitable and theological associations claim intent to solve poverty, hunger, and homelessness; yet, for the impoverished, the world grows increasingly dreary and lonely. Standardized hatred segregates people into “us vs. them” mob mentalities of every imaginable type. The reality is that all humans simply crave an unthreatened sense of self-worth. People seek refuge and protection from whatever source (political, spiritual, secular) is willing to make it available to them. Yet no source has yet offered equal protection and refuge to all people.

Perhaps primed by the world’s growing shared unhappiness, as evidenced by widespread civil protest and unrest (both peaceful and violent), the introspective question begging for an answer is: “Are We [All People] finally ready to acknowledge our basic need for human preservation?” If you are willing, in self-safeguard’s name—to eliminate war, hunger, poverty, homelessness, terrorism, protect the environment etc., every human condition that threatens your self-worth and that of yours—there is a way!

If you are able and motivated towards a conclusive protection of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, guarantee this human centric-government enacted solution by researching the platform and proposals of The Humanity Party®!

In a world full of uncertainty and turmoil, we can create peace. The Humanity Party®. The only real solution.

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