The Solution to the Effects of Natural Disasters

September 8, 2017 |

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The Humanity Party® spokesman expounds below on the frequency and intensity of natural disasters that cause human misery. The Humanity Party® addresses orthodox reality and REAL viable solutions that will work for us as mortals.

Consider what has happened in our world because of certain individuals gaining and maintaining control over others. Gaining control over others means that another person controls another’s free will in some way.

Think about how life upon Earth was thousands of years ago before there were cities and nations. What was life like then?

Cities and nations are divisions of human beings who have decided to gather in specific locations upon Earth for their mutual benefit, as they suppose. But this is where the masses are deceived by the few. Cities and nations do NOT benefit the masses. They mostly benefit the few. These isolate locals benefit those who have power and wealth as a direct result of the establishment of a city and/or nation.

The Great Roman Empire was all about bringing more wealth to Rome. The exploration and eventual occupation of the Western Hemisphere was all about bringing more wealth to Spain, Portugal, Italy and a few other minor countries. The leaders of these ancient European cultures, (where culture is defined as manifestations of collective human intellectual and material achievements) cared about one thing: wealth. With wealth comes power and control. Power and control are the main components of impeding and restricting the individual free will of others.

When a nation conquers another nation (“nations” relates to specific finite areas of Earth isolated for the sake of its citizens), that nation controls the conquered nation’s wealth and natural resources.

As Roman power and influence spread throughout the world, the Great Roman Empire was established. The Roman political leaders had one thing in mind when they decided to spread the boundaries of their power and control to other parts of the world: wealth.

Look at a map of the ancient Roman Empire.

Consider how far south the Empire spread. What good were the deserts of Africa to the Roman Empire? A proper study and review of the Roman Empire will reveal that it spread to the most fertile parts of the known world at the time. It stopped where the earth didn’t produce, at least as it was known to the Romans at the time, the things that Rome considered as wealth.

Consider what is happening in China today. Not too long ago, millions of Chinese enjoyed the solitude and sanctity of individual family farms that produced things to sustain their own lives. As the Chinese farmer worked hard to maintain his independence, those who didn’t enjoy arduous physical work began to see that purchasing the farmer’s produce wasn’t the way to go to help the “lazy” not be forced to work. As commercialism spread throughout China, so did the disappearance of the family farm. (The same thing happened in America.) Corporations began to produce what the single-family farmer did; and eventually drove the farmer out of his desired, free willed lifestyle.

Now, as in America, the greatest population of the people in China live in and around the cities where the heads of corporations account for the money that their companies make. The farmer is forced to sell the family farm to the corporation and move to the city in order to survive. Obviously, this is NOT supporting the free will of a person who would rather subsist simply on a family farm than work 12 hrs a day in a stuffy office or unsafe production warehouse in a polluted city.

If the world would have continued to respect individual free will in equality and equity, if those who didn’t want to do arduous physical work would not have seen themselves as better and exempt from physical labor, because of their supposed intellect, there wouldn’t have been nations and cities controlled by the few. There could have been billions of people spread throughout the vastness of the wonderful Earth taking care of themselves and their families and cooperating in peace with each other. However, the moment that one “lazy” one decided that their free will was more important than another’s, all of our problems began.

The natural disasters that are occurring are happening to and causing the most damage to very populous cities on a relatively small part of the earth’s bounteous land. Evacuations away from the city are common in preparation for a natural disaster. All one has to do is to get in one’s car and drive in any direction away from the city. One will see the vastness of Earth’s uninhabited land. Much of this uninhabited land is NOT affected by natural disasters, in regards to human misery and suffering, like the populous cities.

What if everyone spread out upon the earth? What if everyone was provided with a parcel of beautiful land, beyond the isolated limits of Earth’s major cities, where that one and his or her family could exist according to their free will? How much damage would a hurricane, earthquake, or tornado do to these spread-out locals?

What would these rural dwellers eat? What clothes would they wear? What kind of health and mental care would they receive? What kind of education would they have? The Humanity Party® has the answers. NO, none of these rural dwellers would be able to have a television, a cell phone, or many other of the luxuries of life UNLESS THEY WENT TO THE CITY TO EARN THE MONEY NEEDED TO PURCHASE THESE PRODUCTS from the few who invented the products. Don’t the inventors of the non-basic necessities of life deserve to be acknowledged and enriched by supplying things that people want? Yes. They do.

Let the wealthy and powerful live near the ocean in their wonderful cities. Enrich them when they provide the basic necessities of life for everyone else living in the rural areas of Earth. Give the wealthy what they deserve, what they want, but let them take the full brunt of any hurricane that comes ashore.

Guess what happens as the hurricane hits land? It decreases in strength. By the time it hits the rural areas surrounding the major cities, a hurricane is nothing more than a good soaking for a rural dweller’s grass and family garden.

We’ve created this mess on Earth and we can solve it! No one is going to solve it for us.

THumP® has the solutions. No one else does.®

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