The Humanity Party® challenges those who question its proposals to study “real” economics

March 17, 2018 |

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One of the questions most frequently asked about our “unchallenged” proposals to end worldwide poverty, end worldwide child prostitution, and help establish peace in the Middle East (three proposals of which we have produced a video explanation) is:

How are you going to pay for it?

People who ask this question do not understand world economics or the power and influence that the United States gained over world economics after World War II. These are ignorant and misinformed about how the world’s economy actually works.

We’ve tried to explain it. Maybe we will concentrate on making it clearer and more detailed in the future. But the answer is simple and easy to understand if one takes some time to learn about economics:

These programs will be paid for in the same manner, by the same means, according to the same laws, that ended the Great Depression of the early 20th Century.

Study how the United States government, almost unilaterally (standing alone), ended the Great Depression that was affecting the entire world.

Understand that there has always been a National Debt when a society has used coined (or printed) money as a means of commerce in its economic system … ALWAYS. This will never be avoided as long as people need a government to control them and establish laws for them.

The U.S. Founding Fathers, mostly successful business men, knew how an economy works. This is why they set up the U.S. Constitution the way that they did. The Constitution ostensibly gives the power to the people to coin as much money as the people need in order to engage in commerce.

It was the establishment of the United States Senate (2 Senators from each State) that corrupted the money system and tipped the balance of how money would serve the people towards the wealthy. Originally, the Senators were “appointed,” not by the people, but by the wealthy, to serve the needs of the wealthy.

Always keep in mind that anything that has to do with money and economics can be blamed on the U.S. Congress. Congress could authorize the coinage (printing) of enough money to pay off the National Debt tomorrow. But if price controls and inflation limitations are not in place, those who make all the money by providing the goods and services to the people will raise their prices according to how much money is made available to the people.

Once the National Debt is paid, if Congress does not have a balanced budget, which is statistically impossible (in reality, it is impossible), the National Debt will still grow back to what it is today (yesterday, if Congress paid off the debt tomorrow.). This is how state-based economies work.

The more that the masses (99%) are dependent upon the goods and services of others (supply and demand), the more control over the masses those have who actually provide the goods and services.

The following is a very important truth and something that the ignorant of our world, the youth of our world, the disenfranchised and underrepresented of our world (the 99%) do not seem to understand or accept:

If the 1% disappeared today, the world would be thrown into anarchy and chaos. Who would continue to receive a paycheck? Signed by whom?

We have spent hundreds of accumulated years studying economics.

THumP®’s proposals will work.

THumP® has the solutions. No one else does.®

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