The Greatest Form of Ignorance and The Fallacy of Bernie Sander’s Political Rhetoric

August 23, 2015 |

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The greatest form of ignorance is rejecting something that you don’t understand.

Research and understand THumP®:

There are all kinds of clever ways of complaining about how things are: countless memes, well-thought-out videos released on the Internet, engaging coffee shop discussions, and Facebook® posts. But there is not one … no not one … offering solutions to the complaints.

Bernie Sanders, of whom a lot of people are taking notice, outlined a Twelve Step plan for rebuilding America:

Rebuilding Our Crumbling Infrastructure
Reversing Climate Change
Creating Worker Co-ops
Growing the Trade Union Movement
Raising the Minimum Wage
Pay Equity for Women Workers
Trade Policies that Benefit American Workers
Making College Affordable for All
Taking on Wall Street
Health Care as a Right for All
Protecting the Most Vulnerable Americans
Real Tax Reform

Sander’s Agenda for America

… complains and points out what needs to be done (like every other politician has always done), yet Sanders offers no outline of how he is going to accomplish these things working with the current government and business entities that control our world.

THumP® (The Humanity Party®: can outline precisely and in detail how to fulfill every step of Sander’s plan.

THumP® is different than any other political movement, organization, or protest group. The Humanity Party® can explain exactly what needs to be done to create a government that works for everyone (rich and poor) equally.

THumP® offers real solutions, not political rhetoric.

Unless a politician is courageous enough to tell the truth about the real problem, i.e., that the system is broken because it has a blueprint (the U.S. Constitution) that is flawed and needs revision, no real change will ever be made. ABSOLUTELY NONE!

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