Pfizer, Allergan scrap $160 billion deal after U.S. tax rule change

April 6, 2016 |

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Here is an example of how government can control big companies’ desire to move their businesses offshore to save on U.S. taxes (which Bernie Sanders and other Democrats want to raise substantially). But should the government do this: force companies to not make a move that would increase their profitability? The Humanity Party® says NO! Legislating profit, i.e., greed, is NOT the way a government should work.

Increasing taxes or regulating offshore relocation will only cause a company to look at other ways to become more profitable, usually in eliminating higher paying jobs.

With the deal behind it, Pfizer said it would decide this year about whether to split off its hundreds of generic medicines into a separate business. … It is not clear that Pfizer should definitely split into two, he said. ‘It is true that these larger companies are a little unwieldy to manage,’ Funtleyder said, ‘but there are plenty of strategies to keep them together and increase shareholder value.’”

The more profitable way that a company can boost its profitability is automation: replacing human workers with robots and machines. Either way, people lose.

The greedy are people too and deserve to be protected in their free will. There are few poor people who would not choose to be wealthy if they could. A government must treat all equally. A government should ONLY be involved in regulating the free market to protect the people and the Earth’s environment.


The people’s safety and ability to live without being subjected to abject poverty and hopelessness should be a government’s number one priority, regardless of what business does. ALL humans MUST be guaranteed the basic necessities of life, free of charge, without being forced to work for any company that exists to make a profit. Once these things are provided for free of charge, a company will not be able to take advantage of a person’s NEED to work, but will be force to provide some source of income to people so that people will be able to buy their goods and services and give them the profit that they desire.

THumP® has the solutions. Watch this video to see how THumP®’s plan would work: The Humanity Party® introduces their Economic Plan To End Worldwide Poverty

Pfizer, Allergan scrap $160 billion deal after U.S. tax rule change

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