***MEMORANDUM*** From the 1% (“We”/ “Us”) to the 99% (“You”) Why We Control the Government

September 2, 2015 |

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To Whom It May Concern:

I am the CEO of a U.S. corporation (“the Company”). I make $365,000.00 per year, plus bonuses. I was hired by the owners of the Company to make a profit for its owners and shareholders. I get paid commensurate to the profit that the Company makes.

The Company is profitable because it makes products that you want. This is called supply (products and services) and demand (what people want). We are successful because you want our products and pay the price that we set for our products. You want our products because they, in some way, make your life better. The higher the price that you will pay for our products, the more money we make for ourselves. But we also make money FOR YOU, in your paychecks that we sign, and in support of your retirement and pension portfolios, usually linked to the U.S. Stock Market that does well when we do.

You determine the price that you are willing to pay for our products. We weigh the price that you are willing to pay with the amount of profit we want to make for our owners and shareholders. You will not buy our products if the prices are too high. The demand for our products comes from the ability of our product to fulfill your desire to own it and your ability to purchase the product. We would not be a successful company if you didn’t want to buy our products or could not afford to buy them.


The owners of the company were once like you. They struggled to make ends meets and dreamt of financial independence and more personal freedom. They knew they could accomplish this through Capitalism, by supplying a product or service that everyone wanted. It was this dream, (as selfish as it may seem, but which they share alike with many of you), that motivated them to invent a product or service that you wanted. Many of them had to sacrifice a lot of time and effort to come up with the product or service that you wanted. And when they did … when they met your needs … they fulfilled their dream (which is also your dream) of financial independence.

Of course, part of that dream was to not have to work any longer. This is why the owners hired me as the CEO of their company. They wanted someone who could make the right decisions that would make the highest profit possible for the company. Owners do not, personally, fire employees or reduce labor costs by eliminating your jobs. They would never make such an impersonal and mean decision. They have emotionally isolated themselves from how their employees (other human beings) are treated by depending upon and paying a CEO a lot of money to do the unpleasant, often seemingly inhumane work that is required to continue to make a profit.

Because you want low prices, or you will not buy our products, and then the profits that allow the owners to fulfill their financial dreams disappear, I am forced to find ways to make as much profit as possible. Labor costs (paying you to help produce the product that you want) are the most expensive overhead. The advent of technology allows us to manufacture and ship our products from anywhere in the world. The labor pool in Asia is 10 times larger than it is in the United States. Therefore, we can keep our labor costs much lower by having our products manufactured outside of the United States in Asia. This allows us to keep the owners happy and secure in the fulfillment of their financial dreams and still turn a profit that helps support your investments (or those made on your behalf) in the Stock Market and in the other investment venues upon which you depend for a secure financial future once you retire.

We still have a few employees here in the United States. But we don’t need them to manufacture our products. We keep a few U.S. employees because it is the “politically correct” thing to do. If we didn’t, you might rise up and boycott us and not buy any of our products. However, since our products have been integrated into your life style, and you would not want to live without them, we’re pretty sure you would continue to buy our products no matter where they were made.

We can do all of our manufacturing in Asia and increase our profits because we don’t have to pay the higher U.S. wages and healthcare benefits that our U.S. employees demand in order for them to feel good about working for our company. There are millions of Asian people who need work and would gladly work for us in manufacturing our products that you want to buy. But we realize, that if we shut down all of our U.S. operations, you wouldn’t have a job and then you couldn’t buy our products because you wouldn’t have any money. So, we depend on the government to give you the illusion of prosperity and the belief that you can achieve what we have by passing legislation that you don’t understand, but which, in reality, only benefits us. You see, (no you don’t see or I wouldn’t be writing this Memorandum to remind you), It has to be this way.

It works in our favor that you want our products and that you will pay the price we want to charge for the product, even when you don’t have the money to pay for them. This is how credit helps you to get what you want today and helps us keep making large profits. Really, if you wanted our prices to go down, or you didn’t want us to make so much money, then simply don’t buy our products. Every time you buy our products you are supporting our decision to charge you what we do for the product, no matter how much profit we make. We appreciate your confidence in the prices that we set because it continues to fulfill the purpose for which the owners of the company produced the product in the first place: personal financial gain.

You see, our standard of living, and your standard of living, is overwhelmingly affected by the goods and services that we provide to society. If our product improves your standard of living, then you will continue to purchase the product. But can you imagine what would happen to your standard of living if none of us ever invented a new product or service? And what if we were providing you with goods or services that improved your standard of living (and we are), but because we cannot make a sufficient profit for the purpose we wanted in becoming financially independent, we took away our goods and services? Your standard of living would go down. And if the goods and services are too expensive for you to afford, your standard of living will go down.

So, we’re all in this together: dreaming of financial independence by coming up with a product or service that improves our standard of living. Those of us lucky enough to come up with something that improves our standard of living, not only benefit you, the 99%, but we benefits ourselves. Everyone benefits, but you can’t benefit from it like we can. If we all benefited the same, this would be Communism … and we all know how well Communism has worked in our world.

Politicians are re-elected by the people whose standard of living has not been affected since the last election. If someone’s standard of living is affected negatively, the government and politicians always get the blame. There will be success among any campaigning candidate who touts: “government reform,” “changing the status quo,” “throwing the bums out of Washington,” and many other rhetorical terms that express the people’s frustration that their standard of living has been negatively affected.

We, the 1%, sit back and smile and watch the circus atmosphere of every election. We hear the promises of the naïve and deceptive politicians promising things that we know will never change in our government. We know they will not change, because if they did, the American standard of living would be negatively affected.

When new politicians come to Washington D.C. with their fiery words and claims of reform, it doesn’t take them too long to learn the inevitable: the American standard of living is supported by Capitalism and the prosperity of the corporations that provide the good and services that the American people demand. If the corporations moved all of their business operations out of the United States, more jobs would be lost and there would be less money in the paychecks of the American consumer to support their high standard of living.

If the U.S. government started to affect our profits by regulating us too much or taxing us too much, we will move our operations out of the United States to other countries where there are no taxes and relative few regulations. Soon, because of the increase in Internet online business transactions, we won’t need any Americans to help manufacture or sell any of our products. We will establish our company in Asia, for example, and allow the American consumer to order the product online from our website, fully supported for ¼ of the cost by a very competent and competitive Asian website designer. The only job that the Americans will retain is in transporting our product from the U.S. airport or seaport where we send our products to the consumer’s home.

We do not have to worry about the wage demands of the American people. We don’t need their labor. And, since China is the most populous country with the largest labor pool, and we moved our company there to keep prices low and profits high, the Chinese people will receive more money and will soon have enough to buy up the transportation companies that bring our products to your door. By and by, the American people won’t have many jobs from which to choose.

We don’t want this to be the case; and neither do your politicians.

The U.S. government knows (and freshman Senators and Congressional leaders soon learn) EXACTLY how its citizens’ are supported in their standard of living. When Congress deliberates and considers new laws and regulations that will affect our standard of living, they realize that they must do everything in their power to support the institution that created and supports this standard of living: Capitalism.

Because Capitalism is responsible for the American standard of living, (one of the highest standards in the world), the U.S. government would not be able to protect and support this high standard of living if there was not Big Business to support it and manipulate it. Sure, there might still be a government, a puny, ineffective one, but not one that does all that it can to secure the standard of living that the American people expect.

So you, the 99%, can complain all that you want. You can vote for any politician that you want. It won’t change anything. It cannot. Any change would directly affect your standard of living. And if by some radical move you were able to replace the current government with a reformed government that applies more tax burden to us, that regulates us more, or that does anything else that threatens our financial security, we will move our businesses completely offshore into another country that will allow us to manufacture our products and ship them to you in the United States. We know you will still buy them, because they are incorporated into your desired standard of living.

Consider reason, please!

Consider the things (goods and services) in your life that make it an easier, more fulfilling life. Everything that you depend on was and is provided by Capitalism, which properly defined on a human level is: an economic and political system that is controlled by private owners who seek profit and self-enrichment, rather than by the state or nation. The U.S. Government is a Capitalist government. From its inception, the United States has always catered to big business and the right to make a lot of money in support of a higher standard of living. It was the wealthy business owners of Colonial America who came up with the Declaration of Independence and the eventual U.S. Constitution. Everything they did was in support of their personal livelihood. So what? If improving our own lives helps improve yours, what problems are there? If we didn’t provide you with our innovations and products, what would you life be like then?

The founders and owners of most U.S. corporations did not spend their time and energy in developing many of their products for the sake of the whole of humanity. The motivation behind their innovations was and is: produce a profit and have access to enough personal money to become financially independent and not being forced to work so hard for a living. In wanting to become financially independent, they recognized one thing: you must produce a product or service that people, at least, think improves their standard of living. The most successful and enduring companies produce the products and services that support the American lifestyle. If these companies didn’t exist to provide these goods and services, the American standard of living would be negatively affected.

Is it a crime or inhumane to want to become financially independent? Isn’t this what you want for yourself? Is it immoral to want this independence for yourself and those who depend upon you? If you had the opportunity to become financially independent, wouldn’t you take the opportunity? This is the beauty of the American dream and lifestyle: it can be done. 1% of us have done it. Yes, 1% of us have provided the 99% with the goods and services that they want and depend upon, things that improve their standard of living. And the ONLY way that any of you (the 99%) can become financially independent is if you do it the EXACT same way that we did it. That’s how the game is played.

So, what is it exactly that you want to change about the U.S. Government? Do you want to eliminate the possibility that you, too, can one day become rich and financially independent? Or is it that you are frustrated because your standard of living is going down and you want someone to blame except yourself and your inability to offer a product or service that people want … that you want?

Because the desire for financial security and the need to support a high standard of living controls your waking thoughts and torments you both day and night, you would not like it if a government were instituted that didn’t allow you to enrich yourself as you dream. We, the 1%, live the American dream. Because we achieved it, you believe that you can also achieve it; because what really makes us any different than you?

No one … absolutely no one … has ever achieved the American dream of financial independence without Capitalism. It is impossible. But this we all know about Capitalism and the way that it works: only 1% will ever achieve the American dream. Why? Because it takes the other 99% to buy the goods and services that the 1% must sell at low prices to make the appropriate profits to maintain their financial independence. You see, all tenured politicians know this, but they do not want the voters to know that only 1% will ever become financially independent.

So, if it’s impossible for more than 1% to ever achieve financial independence, why do the 99% complain so often? Why not just accept your role in life as part
of the 99%?

Okay, let’s put representatives in government that are ONLY from the pool of the 99% and see what they would do to improve and sustain their standard of living. They wouldn’t know what to do, because once educated properly on how the world really works, they would come to realize what many politicians eventually do: If we can’t beat ‘em or change ‘em, let’s join ‘em!

There has been only one solution ever envisioned and presented that will improve and sustain the standard of living of the 99% while supporting the desire of the 1% to have the financial security that they desire: The Humanity Party® constitutional reforms. Study these proposals: www.humanityparty.com

(NOTE: This was written by a real life CEO. Upon review of THumP®’s proposals, he conceded that there are no other suggestions or proposals found that will work
with Capitalism like THumP®’s proposals. He conceded that THumP® indeed has some viable solutions that should be considered for the sake of the 99%.)

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