House Speaker John Boehner to resign at end of October

September 25, 2015 |

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House Speaker John Boehner to resign at end of October

Good for you, Mr. Boehner! I’d run too if I was faced with the possibility of having to one day back the current Republican candidates for U.S. President. I’d run too if I began to realize that the dysfunction of Congress is impassable; that my Republican constituency is so religiously self-centered and affected by jingoism that it will be virtually impossible to work with any President for any real change.

Mr. Boehner’s decision is far from “selflessness,” as his collective peers recommend. It’s completely selfish.

Mr. Boehner, you are coward! Why not use your power and position to back the pleadings of your God, or of your own soul and humanity? Listen to your Pope. Stay put and do whatever you can to use your power and influence to make real changes. Freshman congresspersons could never do what you could do if you remained, stalwart and motivated to help heal the terrible wounds and divisiveness of the people of the United States, largely caused by your own party.

Mr. Boehner knows that if he continues in a position of power he will witness, and be part of, a downturn in justice, equality, and unity during the next decade that has never been experienced by the people of the United States, nor any major power on Earth, since the downfall of the Great Roman Empire. He knows the U.S. Government is broken, and he simply does not want part of his legacy to imply that HE WAS PART OF THE PROBLEM. Run while you can, Mr. Boehner!

When you listen to Mr. Boehner’s resignation announcement, you’ll catch that he finally made the decision to step down after he said his morning prayers today, although he considered it back in 2010. And yesterday, Mr. Boehner was visibly moved by the comments of his own religious leader: the Catholic Pope, who called on the U.S. Congress to care more for the poor and the needy, including immigrants coming into the U.S..

It appears that cognitive dissonance, along with Mr. Boehner’s personal humanity bore down upon his conscience,. None of us has any right to judge the Republican leaders. They are doing all that they believe is best for the U.S.. They are NOT bad people, but are simply doing what they feel is the “right thing,” what God would want (whoever or whatever that God might be to each). In reality Boehner is simply listening to himself, to his inner conscience, to his logic and the humane side that we all share in common and equally.

He well knows that the Republican Party that he has represented for the last 25 years is grossly flawed, enormously flawed. Listen to his political-influenced rhetoric. Read between the lines of his statement that he wants to protect the integrity of “this institution.” He knows what’s coming. He’s been in Congress long enough. He knows that he is part of the 1%, and that without the 1%, the entire U.S. Government will fail, the U.S. economy will fail, and the Constitution that Boehner swore to uphold and defend will continue to support the 1% throughout the world, in spite of what it does to the majority of the people on Earth.

He’s not afraid of Bernie Sanders. He knows Bernie Sanders will never see his dream of change come to fruition in a government held hostage by a powerful document written by those who came up with it: the U.S. Constitution, all from the 1%. The Constitution is setup to protect the 1%; to protect religious bigotry and prejudice in the name of religious freedom; to protect one’s wealth from being affected, regardless of the effect that this accumulation of wealth has on the 99%. There is no hope for any change, UNLESS THE U.S. CONSTITUTION IS COMPLETELY REVISED TO PROTECT AND SERVE THE NEEDS OF ALL PEOPLE, INCLUDING THE 1%.

Goodbye, Mr. Boehner. You might be able to run from what you have done to this world, but its effects will follow you for eternity and place you before your God … which  according to your beliefs … delivered you a strong message through His mouthpiece upon Earth: Pope Francis.

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House Speaker John Boehner to resign at end of October

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