Section 5: Domestic Policy

Domestic policy should exist to address and solve domestic issues. Domestic issues are those conditions that affect any citizen’s daily life who lives within the borders and legal Districts of America.

The problem with our current government’s inability to fix domestic problems is that our politicians’ central focus is on the issues that mainly affect the daily life of those who provide money to their election and reelection campaigns. Lobbyists, Special Interest Groups, PACs, political peers, mainstream media, and a politician’s own personal prejudices and agenda all directly affect the domestic policies that touch the lives of all citizens. Current government domestic policy disenfranchises the people who are not involved in a politician’s network of self-protection and political worth (their vote is less valued by the politician).

The laws that govern people’s lives are formed by lawmakers whose responsibility, ostensibly, is to represent the people’s best interests. There are literally hundreds of thousands of laws on the legal books that have been added since the inception and ratification of the U.S. Constitution. Each additional law had to meet the specifications and legal limitations outlined in the Constitution. If, therefore, a law exists that does not support the best interests of the people and their individual freedoms, then somehow the Constitution, or the interpretation thereof, failed the people. If lawmakers have interpreted the Constitution and used it to justify their bad laws, then the fact that this is possible illustrates the corruptibility of the Constitution.
In order for good laws to exist that serve all people equally, and to repeal the bad laws that do not, the Constitution must be revised and rewritten to ensure that there is no way that politicians can misinterpret or usurp it in order to justify their selfish agendas.

The Humanity Party® (THumP®) offers a proposal for a new Constitution that will help reduce its misinterpretation and abuse by self-serving politicians. Domestic laws that meet the criteria of their intent—serving all of the people of America equally—will be encouraged and supported by these constitutional reforms.

America is faced with domestic issues that have remained unaddressed for decades and which cause most of our social problems. These domestic problems include, but are not limited to: drug abuse, domestic violence, health and mental care issues, gun control, unequal application and mistrust of law enforcement, homelessness, poverty, and the lack of educational opportunities. However, one issue that stands out between America and all other nations upon Earth—is the unprecedented and exorbitant percentage of American citizens who are incarcerated as “criminals.” One cannot commit a crime unless a law exists that establishes an act as a crime.

Currently, instead of creating laws that address the primary causes of domestic problems, self-focused politicians remove from society (out of sight, out mind) the result and effect of their bad lawmaking (those termed “criminals”), thereby demonstrating their inability to create laws that aid in crime prevention.

The U.S. prison system, which includes all State and local Departments of Corrections, has become the prescription to treat the symptoms; but it does not cure the disease nor prevent it from occurring in the first place. Prisons have become the hospitals for society’s sick, which sickness is caused by failed domestic policies. Ridiculous prison sentences are the treatment plan prescribed by the politicians whom the people trust to provide a remedy for what ails society.

Corporations are notorious for the millions that they spend on influencing legislation and putting their candidates into office. The media, which receives advertising income from corporations, isn’t going to bite the hand that feeds it, seldom presents any honest investigative report on corporate influence in government. Energy, pharmaceutical, transportation, financial institutions, and gun lobbyists (to name a few) are the obvious main political influencers. But there is one other, hardly mentioned, that has built more political power and sway than any of the above-mentioned more prominent ones: private prisons.

To protect the enormous profits made by prison-based corporations in caring (as they pretend) for “criminals,” corporate lobbyists draft and support inhumane legislation that will direct more money to the corporations that sign their paychecks. The majority of those incarcerated are struggling humans who have violated inhumane laws that do not address their day-to-day efforts to survive. California’s Three Strikes Law (a law grossly offensive to human decency and morality) is an example of blatant, prison-based corporate influence. This law legally applies a life sentence to a human who has three times violated laws that politicians have determined are felonies (a criminal factor that can be applied to stealing a loaf of bread).

The most influential and successful lobbyists are former politicians. Self-righteous politicians and their constituents, who seldom understand the plight of the underprivileged majority, cannot create a solution to a problem that does not affect their own daily lives. American politicians must be forced to do the job for which they were elected and for which they are paid—address domestic issues first and foremost. They were not elected to worry about what their personal image, immediate accumulation of wealth, how the media perceives them, or how they are going to be reelected next term. They were elected and hired to solve domestic issues—the basic needs of the people!

Lobbyists and an out-of-control government bureaucracy (the fixed system of government agencies and their programs) affect domestic policy and the laws enacted to address it. But more devastating and debilitating to domestic solutions, even more so than government bureaucracy and lobbyists, is the Judicial Branch of the Government, which includes all federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. To guarantee that the courts and law enforcement properly address the rights of the people, the people must take a more active role in their rights (simply by registering to vote and voting “The Humanity Party®”).

Currently, without sufficient money to purchase the aid of an attorney, the people’s right to seek redress from the government through the courts is limited for the majority. Without the direct involvement of the people in structuring and implementing proper protocols and authorities, the courts and law enforcement are becoming a law in and of themselves, and will not, cannot, properly serve and protect the people as they were originally designed to do.

The U.S. legal system is very slow and seemingly nonchalant in its procedures and the way that its courts deal with important social issues. If the Supreme Court of the United States takes years to render an important decision on a particular domestic issue, or subsequently reverses itself on a prior decision, it does so because of the flawed nature of the Constitution that its Justices have sworn to protect and uphold. Change the government’s Constitution in meaningful ways and change the way that its Branches (Legislative, Executive, and Judicial) do business and there will be little need to “interpret” it or risk its usurpation in the process.

The underlying issues that affect domestic policy can be solved by an updated and sound Constitution that provides the overall blueprint that politicians will be forced to follow by laws made for the people and by the people.

A careful study and sincere contemplation of The Humanity Party®’s constitutional proposals (Constitution of the United People of the Republic of America) will give the people the hope that all the issues that affect their daily lives can be properly, quickly, and efficiently addressed.

It will become constitutionally required by law to address domestic policy. Congress will be forced to remain in isolation (similar to the way a jury is sequestered until it arrives at a unanimous decision) until the people’s Representatives do what the people expect of them. Corporations, lobbyists, and special interest groups will lose their power over politics. The new Constitution forces government to immediately address what the people need in their daily lives.

If, for example (and this is but one of many examples), Congress is forced by constitutional law to eliminate homelessness, the concentration on providing basic housing to all citizens will motivate each politician to place more focus on being humane. Being required by law to come to a unanimous decision on all proposed legislation, along with term limitations, campaign restrictions, and constitutionally mandated transparency, politicians will become answerable only to the people. And if politicians are answerable only to the people, domestic policy will become the main focus of Congress and the legal system. Without major constitutional reform, there can be no viable changes to domestic policy.

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