If everyone is provided their basic needs, won’t that make people not want to work?

Most humans do not want to just exist in a safe house with electricity and good food to eat. Once they start eating good food, their minds are going to start working better; and with less stress, they’ll have the energy to go out and do something with their life and liberty.

For example, they’ll want to watch TV, but the HumanECard® does not allow them to buy a television. It only allows them to buy the basic necessities of life.

So, they’ll be forced, by sheer necessity and personal motivation, to get a job so they can buy a television; so they can buy a car that will allow them to travel; or so they can get a bigger and better house than what they’re provided for by the HumanECard®.

A person who is provided with the basic necessities of life is going to spend a lot more money in the economy, and work harder for those things that they want, than one who lives hopelessly in despair and poverty.

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