THumP®’s Directive on State Gun Lawsuits

July 13, 2016 |

| 2 min read

It was THumP®’s intent to provide a Federal civil procedure template that would allow a lay citizen to file suit against one’s State government, complaining that the particular State’s gun laws were unconstitutional outside of a “well-regulated militia.” It was our intent to file the lawsuits simultaneously to bring attention to our plight of outlawing all personal ownership of guns outside a “well-regulated militia” as the US Constitution expresses.

Our Board of Directors has determined that in so doing, those filing the lawsuits pro se would meet visceral and prima facie prejudice by the Court and many of its employees, many of whom are gun owners. More of a concern, is that a person would be placing oneself in danger of abuse, ridicule, and violent opposition by outspoken gun owners, many of whom have an opinion of the matter that they are willing to protect with their lives, by using their guns.

It is THumP®’s official opinion that the United States will eventually be forced to take drastic measures in the near future due to an increase in the occurrences of violence perpetuated by legal gun owners; and that eventually, the US will be forced to disarm its citizens and restrict guns only to a “well-regulated” law enforcement and the military. It is our opinion that this will occur naturally, as domestic violence in the US increases each year, each week, each day.

Furthermore, the US Supreme Court is divided on the issue. If a newly appointed Justice to the SCOTUS is more progressive and liberal, the Court will finally render a just and intelligent decision on the matter, ruling that a citizen does NOT have the right to bear arms outside of a “well-regulated militia,” particularly when the ownership of personal firearms threatens the existence of a secure state. A “secure state” is defined and properly interpreted in the original Constitution as a “state” (the particular situation or condition in which a person or something is in at any particular time) of security for all citizens. And whereas the private ownership of guns threatens a state of security for all citizens, evident from the gun deaths and domestic terror that will eventually overwhelm the US populous, a more liberal SCOTUS will rule appropriately.

To protect the supporters of the Humanity Party® from any perceived or real threat, we hereby rescind the directive to file pro se Federal complaints against one’s state. The United States is about to enter a phase of violence and domestic terrorism never before witnessed within a collective of civilized authority and sovereign nationality. From these acts, the people will learn. They will not have a choice but to learn.

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