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The American Dream


Republic vs. Democracy


Life, Liberty,
and the Pursuit of Happiness


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Foreign Policy and Diplomacy


Protecting the Earth

The Humanity Party® Platform Preamble


 American reform movements have seldom been successful at registering a new party and appointing proper leadership to compete with the current and dominant Democratic and Republican parties.  Finding a person with integrity and courage to lead a new party is difficult.  Appointed leaders of reform parties can easily be corrupted by power and greed.  The Humanity Party® (“THumP®”) has no confirmed leaders.  It is led by the voice of each person who supports its platform.  Properly supporting THumP® consists of legally registering to vote and casting your vote by entering the words “The Humanity Party®” in the write-in option.  Rejecting all of the registered and approved candidates sends a message that we no longer accept the status quo of the current government and that we demand real change.

 THumP® does not appoint leaders nor accept donations—in an effort to protect our party’s intent and purpose by eliminating the possibility of corruption by special interest groups, lobbyists, and corporate PAC's (Political Action Committees).  THumP® is a legally registered U.S. political party. 

 THumP®’s Political Platform is defined herein.  This Platform acts as the party’s official manifesto that encompasses our views and political points and ideals.  This manifesto includes THumP®’s beliefs, but most importantly, their application to real life.

 Our party line revolves around three basic inalienable human rights: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

 Without life, there would be no need for liberty.  Without liberty, there can be no individual pursuit of happiness.  Whereas the pursuit of happiness is an individual search for joy that variably differs according to each person’s unique desires, governments should not exist to deter from or intervene into any singular, individual pursuit of happiness.  Proper government should exist to guarantee and support our ability to live (right to life) and protect us (right to liberty) in our individual pursuits of happiness, allowing each of us to choose our own form of happiness and feel equally safe and secure in its pursuit.





 None of us asked to be born into this world.  Upon reaching a set age of maturity, we are forced into slavery in a society that is not set up to support the pursuit of happiness, but instead structured to support its own unfair and unequal economic policies.  For every one person who can claim success in reaching the world’s standard of accepted self-awareness and prosperity, ninety-nine others suffer from the means that this one utilizes to achieve success, without the ability to attain it for themselves.  In the race to be counted of worth in a world of values and standards set to benefit those who set the parameters and rules of the competition, little attention is paid to the devastating effects of the contest.

 “Freedom” is an abstract idea perpetuated by those in power over others and used to deceive us. Evident forced slavery has simply been replaced with tacit slavery.  Rising to the sound of a rooster’s crow and being forced to harness the mule to the plow has just been replaced.  Today there is the obtrusive sound of an alarm clock that signals the beginning of another enslaved day at a job that most do not find consistent with their pursuit of happiness.  Slavery implies that we are forced to work to enrich someone else while earning just enough for our basic necessities.  Owners do not hire us to make us wealthy and financially independent, unless in doing so they are also enriched in the process.

 Financial independence implies that we do not have to work or depend on another for the means that sustain our lives.  When we are forced to work for another (i.e., enslaved) we become dependent on them and their desire for personal wealth.  We are forced to work or we will be counted as unsuccessful and unimportant in the world; or we will die.  The former, imprisoned slave was provided food, clothing, and shelter from the Master.  Modern slaves are given a piece of paper (paycheck) that must be exchanged for commodities owned by another slave owner in order for the slave to survive in the world.

 The slave’s desire to live ensures an abundance of workers for and enriches the landowners (company owners).  The merchant from whom he or she is forced to purchase the things that sustain life is another Master.  Former slaves were forced into chains if work and rules were not completed and complied with as established by the Master.  The modern slave is locked in a jail cell for the same reasons.  People do not choose to be born into slavery.  Most would have rather been born the child of a slave owner: one who never saw the butt end of a mule pulling a harrow; or one who will never hear the sound of a time-punch clock.

 Although modern business owners do not outwardly display their employees as personal human property, the slave trade has been transformed into a shared commodity of the corporations and wealthy of the world.  Within the commercial organizations that buy and sell goods, make products, and provide services, there exists a proprietary implication that if one slave refuses to work for a company, in order to remain alive, the rebellious runaway must submit to another.  By running away from one plantation (corporation), the need to eat and be clothed and housed necessitates the reliance on another Master. Thus, there is no escape from modern slavery among the majority masses of humanity.

 Governments should exist to eliminate slavery and ensure that anyone born into this world is guaranteed equal rights to life and the support of that life until death relieves them from the involuntary obligation of existence.  The rights to life include basic nutritious food, clothing, shelter, healthcare (both physical and mental), and the opportunity for an education.  A proper government must provide these basic human necessities without charge through social programs or by providing the means whereby a person can obtain these rights through gainful and fulfilling employment.  The obligation to protect and promote human life is required and expected and should be a government’s greatest and only responsibility.





 “Liberty” implies that we are free from arbitrary or despotic government or control; that we are sovereign and independent and free from external or foreign rule; that we are free from interference, obligation, restriction, and hampering conditions; that we have the right and power to do, think, and speak according to our individual choice; that we are free from unwarranted captivity, confinement, or physical restraint.

 For the majority, true liberty has never existed in the United States of America.  The American Dream is exactly that: a dream.  The image that America presents to the world is a deception.  American prosperity and innovation deceives the world into thinking that the product of the American Free Market economy affects all Americans equally.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

 The American Dream quickly fades into unattainable goals that only a few who have the proper economic numbers (money) to support them attain.  The numbers calculated in setting the value of money are abstractly and randomly applied to human life.  We invented money and the values that we accept of it.  Therefore, we can control money through proper governmental regulations.  Uncontrolled, money leaves a mark of depression and hopelessness embedded deeply in the hands (actions and work) and foreheads (thoughts) of the dreamers.

 True liberty cannot be attained unless a government that is empowered by the people empowers the people in return and protects them in their individual pursuits and desires of happiness.  True liberty does not include force.  It does not include being forced to work at a job that one does not like in order to enrich another so that that other does not have to work.  Liberty is not being forced to submit to laws that do not protect one’s freedom of individual choice.

 Proper government should only establish laws that protect each person’s liberty from being affected by that of another.  Yet these laws should not impede, deter, or define the individuality or happiness of either.



The Pursuit of Happiness


 The United States incarcerates more of its citizens than any other nation on Earth.  Current laws are not equitable across economic lines.  U.S. law protects economic success and punishes economic failure.  People are locked up in U.S. prisons, not because lawmakers are afraid of them, because they are dangerous to society, but because they are angry with them for not meeting the standards of success implied by the American Dream and the image of successful living that lawmakers have set for themselves.

Incarceration has become the response to all our societal problems.  If a person does not meet the same standards and ideals in that person’s pursuit of happiness as the lawmakers’, that person becomes a “criminal.”  Going to school, having a career, and forming a family according to preconceived and set standards of those with the money and means to reach these goals, dehumanizes those without the same means.  This disparity in opportunity reduces the poor to being a non-contributing member of a desired society.

Most incarcerated offenders are sentenced for non-violent acts or omissions.  Drugs are the main offense that lands many pursuers of happiness in prison.  Instead of our government concentrating on why people take drugs, its lawmakers concentrate on their own inexperienced perception of a drug user.  Yet, many of these same lawmakers abuse legal pharmaceutical drugs—that they have approved by law—to counter the very same symptoms that affect the illegal drug user.  Depression from failure is the main reason why people use drugs.  In their effort to justify their own depression, lawmakers approve their own solutions, and in the process gain thereby.

Pharmaceutical corporations make more contributions to current politicians’ campaign chests than most other political contributors.  Yet, there are less expensive and more abundant natural means that perform the same effects as expensive pharmaceutical drugs.  These natural drugs include nutritious foods.  Too expensive for the average person, proper nutrition that can prevent disease and relieve depression—especially if it is provided free of charge—takes a back seat to the profits that are made by attempting to counter the effects of a poor diet with pharmaceuticals and their attendant side effects.

If one makes a lot of money, that person is successful and applauded by society.  The “Successful” are supported by the government through laws that approve and praise success in the value of riches, while discounting success in health and strength.  No one can pursue happiness without a healthy body and mind.

Governments’ first priority in the support of the individual pursuit of happiness must be the physical and emotional health of its citizens.  Emotional health is just as important as physical health.  Emotional health is supported when an individual feels self-worth and of value to the society in which that person exists. Proper government must exist to empower and support the individual in setting personal standards for happiness without the government setting its own standards and imposing them by law.

The only way to protect and support individual life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is for the people, themselves, to define the parameters by which these vital inalienable rights are protected and supported by their government.  This can only be done through established law supported by a Constitution that is written for the people and by the people, and NOT written by those who support their own personal standardization of life, liberty, and happiness.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness mean different things to different people across a wide variety of economic cultures and ideologies.  The least among the people (i.e., the poor, downtrodden, and uneducated), who are the majority of Earth’s inhabitants, should have a strong voice in establishing the laws that control their lives.  If law is established to support and protect the least among us, these laws will also support the greatest.  If law supports only the greatest, then the least suffer irreparably because of their failure to meet the expectations of being valued as “great” and the flawed laws that are only established to reward this “greatness.”

However, if humanity could reevaluate the meaning of “great” (i.e., successful) and “least” (i.e., unsuccessful), and make both valued equally as the free-willed choice of the individual, then humans would naturally establish governments that are equal and fair.  Because this probability is unlikely, the majority of people need to act and take control of the powers of their government that they expect and deserve.



The Failure of Government


 The entire world’s economic, political, and social structures are in danger of eminent failure and collapse.  If the foundation and political powers that control these institutions are not changed and reformed, within a few decades human society will be irreversibly affected.  Without drastic change, widespread hopelessness, poverty, and inequality will spread and continue to cause more human misery than at any other time during the recorded history of Earth.

 The existence of poverty and inequality offer proof of the failed policies of governments, religions, charities, and other groups that have tried and failed to provide solutions.

 Wars and terrorism have increased without any answer or humane opposition.  The cultures and nations that support different types of human societies can be destroyed through military action.  But this will not eliminate terrorism fed by poverty and hopelessness.  The root of the problem is not the societies that humans have created, but the ideologies they hold in their hearts.  No amount of physical force can change ideology and belief.  The human mind empowered by free will naturally reacts to defend itself, in spite of the physical forces that threaten it.  When given the chance to act, humans are motivated, not by their surroundings, but by their hearts.

 Governments depend on force and threat to maintain control over the people.  Governments might control the people’s physical, outward actions, but it cannot control their minds.  Until a government exists that supports the free will of the human mind, without attempting to force its will upon the people, war and terrorism will continue.



United States’ Power and Example


 There is only one nation that is fully structured and endowed with the infrastructure, government, world influence, technology, means, and military might needed to step forward and save this world: the United States of America.  If it fails, then all nations shall fail behind it.  Although the United States of America has the potential to save the world, its established government has failed and continues to fail, not only the American people, but also the entire human population of Earth.

 The United States came into existence by a group of humans who were determined to establish a sovereign nation and institute their own laws based on their personal wants and needs.  Without regard for the native inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere, they immigrated to a new land, overran it, and called it their own.  Secure in their newly found territory, they made a declaration of independence from the governmental powers and laws that controlled their lives.  In so doing, they established the most powerful and comprehensive human society ever known upon Earth.

 America’s economic structure and purpose drastically changed the course of human events and influences a world that revolves around its own perpetuation. America’s powerful presence affects the present course and future of all humanity.  If it fails, the world will crumble around it.  Consequently, only the people who perpetuate it and give it its power and authority can keep it from failing.

 Accepting this fact, and that this nation is increasingly failing to bring the peace and happiness once promised, the people of this earth must unite together to reinforce its foundation before its walls crumble.

 Once separated from all other nations of the earth, the United States uniquely developed under the hope and belief that all humankind possessed the guaranteed inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  This belief was never fully realized; and from the onset of establishing an unprecedented government, the United States leaders began deceiving the people.  The United States Constitution, along with the initial system of law that supported it, separated human beings into groups of power and opportunity.

 From the beginning, the United States Government did not treat Native and African Americans, the indentured, and women, as equally deserving of these natural rights.  Although in later years the United States has shown some effort in equalizing the representation of those initially ostracized, the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit happiness has yet to be realized except by a few.  Thus, only the illusion of equality remains.

 The United States has become the most powerful nation on earth, not through principles of humane government and legislation, but through the application of its economic and military power forced upon its own citizens and upon other nations.  Instead of protecting the inalienable rights of all of its citizens equally, the United States has established and enforced laws that protect those who directly benefit from the legislation and enforcement of these laws.

 As mentioned, by its unique design and proven prosperity for the few, the United States retains the infrastructure of government, laws, business, and society that could be an ensign and example to the world.  But because its government is not focused on the rights of ALL people so that they benefit equally from its existence, the United States continues to protect the few in spite of the majority.



Three Principles of Law of a Humane Government


 Proper and humane government for the people, by the people, and of the people must be structured on the following three principles:


 The first principle and law of government is that government shall never be self-serving; or in other words, it shall never act in and of itself and of its own accord or for the sake of its own existence. Government must be restricted in its powers to ensure that it abides by this first principle and law.  Government must serve those who benefit from its existence; and only those who benefit from its existence are those who should give it the power that it exercises over them.


 The second principle and law of this government is that it will guarantee the freedom, or the free will, of all those whom it serves.  This second law and principle enables government to establish laws that restrict those whom it serves from infringing on the free agency of another, or from having another infringe on their free will.  This second principle and law restricts government from doing anything that infringes upon the free agency of those whom it serves, except in the defense of their individual free will.


 The third principle and law of this government is that it shall provide the means whereby those whom it serves may have an equal opportunity to experience the happiness that they desire.  Government must provide those things that are necessary to fulfill the measure and purpose for the existence of those whom it serves, which purpose is the pursuit of individual happiness.



Why The Humanity Party®?


The Humanity Party® implies a general unity and equality of people who want change, but who feel powerless and hopeless against current governmental forces.  If individuals are highlighted or leaders are appointed, egos and peer pressure quickly follow and corrupt the equality for which the people should stand united.

 THumP® is not delusional in believing that the appointment of any popular politician or celebrity will produce a successful challenge to the two-party Republican or Democratic candidates.  THumP®’s first objective is to give the people hope and educate them about the power of their vote.  The Humanity Party® offers a united and equal face to each and every person who legally registers to vote and then uses the write-in option to send a clear and powerful message to the balloted candidates.  It is THumP®’s intent to rally the people to show up at voting booths across the country and record a vote of The Humanity Party®.  The Humanity Party® hopes that it wins the majority of votes and sends a strong message to the political powers that control our lives.  It is our intent to send a message to the governmental authorities that we demand drastic changes; and most importantly, that we provide the solutions and define the change that we desire.


The American Dream


 The United States presents an image of prosperity referred to as the American Dream.  It has always been just a dream for 99% of Americans.  Americans do not take into account that 1% of American citizenship equals about 3 million people.  This number includes those who have realized this dream, at least an illusion thereof, and do not worry about the basic necessities of life.  These are those who have the liberty to pursue their individual happiness, whatever that might be.

 From its inception, the United States government and its constitution have catered to the 1% and neglected the needs of the majority of its citizens.  American political policies created a very wealthy class of relatively few individuals with great power.  This consequently created a middle class that buffers the impact that absolute wealth and power have on the majority of the people.

 The world has never known a united group of people like the American Empire.  Its decadence, leisure, and world dominance permeate every aspect of life.  Its soldiers mete out death to any individual, or any nation, that stands against it.  It literally creates hell on Earth for any who stand in its way.

  Where in nature does there exist another species, genus, family, order, class, or phylum in which its constituents are, by their own choice, divided into class structures?  Outside of the human species, where does there exist another animal group that distinguishes other members as lower class, middle class, or upper class?  Where else are there caste types set wherein by birth alone a creature is assigned a specific honor that sets it in prominence above others?

 The American majority includes the laboring class that has always suffered in poverty.  Teetering on the edge between wealth and poverty, and dreaming that they can achieve what the wealthy have achieved, the middle class provides a barrier between the rich and the poor.  Coveting the former while fearing a return to the latter, the middle class validates the actions of the rich while justifying the cries of the poor.  The middle class keeps the peace.  Without it, the lower class majority would rise up in revolution against the upper class.

 It becomes easier for the majority to desensitize their minds from the conditions of poverty and destitution that exist at the bottom of the economic ladder, because of the image in their minds of future success and the opportunity to jump from the ninety-nine percent to the one percent.  The American people have become numb to their own plight.  Their ignorance chains them to their current condition and allows justification and acceptance that the one needs the ninety-nine others below in order to keep that one buoyed up on the sea of humanity and living out their dream.

 The American Dream has desensitized the middle class.  The hope and exampled realization of wealth and prosperity, which less than 1% of Americans ever achieve, keep the middle class in chains of bondage and ignorance to the Democratic and Republican Parties that cater to the 1%.

 For every one person who can claim success in reaching the standards set by the American Dream, ninety-nine others suffer from the politically enforced economic policies used to achieve this prosperity.  The majority does not have the ability to realize the dream.

 The majority’s desire to live enriches the slaveholder (corporations) for whom they are forced to work so that the wealthy can live out their dream.  Chained ignorantly without lock or key, the writing on the wall has little affect on the minds of the majority of the American people who see themselves as individual and equal human beings instead of slaves.  Thus, have they been convinced and deceived. The very essence of their innate human nature disallows the possibility that they can be controlled.  They are convinced that it is possible that one day they, too, might own a business and have others work for them, forgetting their immediate state of enslavement by the delusion of financial freedom and wealth implied by the American Dream.

 Day after day, their minds are gratified and lulled into a tempered calm as they toil in the fields, cubicles, or other employment that they do not enjoy but are forced to choose.  The “Dream” satisfies their inner conflict by convincing them that it is possible to become a landowner; hence, they are indeed equal to their masters who were once enslaved also.

 The American people are not isolated to being slaves to the rich and powerful only, but have also become indentured to their own desire to become wealthy.  “Getting ahead in the world” has become the model of individuality and has replaced the pursuit of happiness.  Money has taken the place of happiness in our daily pursuits.

 HOWEVER, the right to the pursue happiness must be guaranteed and protected equally for all people.  Those whose happiness is found in greed, wealth, and owning more than others have every right to this form of value and happiness.  The one percent must be equally protected and supported in their pursuits. Otherwise, the unfair advantage of one group will mean the subjugation and demise of the other and negate liberty for all.

 THumP®’s goal is to equalize the playing field so that all who desire to be wealthy have the same opportunities to do so.  This can only be accomplished if the stress from day-to-day living is diminished.  By allowing wealth to accumulate in the business of providing others with the basic necessities of life, THumP® kills two birds with one stone.  THumP®’s proposals support both the dreams of the 1% and the realities of the 99%.

Republic  vs. Democracy


 American politicians depend on the ignorance of voters and their lack of understanding of how politics work to ensure political support and reelection.  THumP® exists to inform the uneducated masses of their rights and powers.  The American people, as well as many of their political representatives, are clueless when it comes to the difference between a Republic and a Democracy.

 The word Democracy implies equality and power in the hands of the majority.  “Republic” is hardly ever mentioned in political rhetoric, although it is the true definition of equality.

 A Republic is a form of government in which the powers of sovereignty (independence) are vested in the people and are exercised by the people, either directly or through representatives chosen by the people.  However, the “people” who make up a pure form of a Republic is not plural, but singular and individual.  A group of pure Republicans (not referring to members of the current American political party) holds advisory powers over others, but the sovereign individual is allowed to reject the advice of the majority and live autonomously.

 A Democracy is a form of government in which the sovereign power resides in and is exercised directly by the whole body of free, voting citizens, or indirectly through a system of representation where 51% of the representatives override the dissenting 49%.  Although the majority might prefer a Democracy, the minority would be denied liberty and justice.  It was a Democracy that was responsible for many of history’s greatest human tragedies.  It was a majority of German citizens that supported politics that caused the death of an entire culture of a Jewish minority. Slavery was once condoned and supported by a majority.    In fact, it was the majority of white European immigrants to America who denied liberty and justice to the minority Native Americans.  The segregation of blacks from whites was once legal and enforced by the majority, not necessarily the majority of the people, but the majority of their representatives, elected through Democratic principles and ideals.

 All people, no matter what each of their individual desires for happiness might be, must be granted and protected in their right to life and liberty by the government to which they bow their knee.  The support and  protection of these liberties and rights must be granted equally to all people, not as the U.S. Founding Fathers established them (which excluded a large part of the people), but as more modern and humane realities demand.

 To accomplish this, the United States government must establish what it stood for and promised the people in the beginning.  The U.S. Constitution must support that for which many Americans have sacrificed, are sacrificing, and will continue to sacrifice their lives: a Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

 In 1892, Francis Bellamy (1855-1931), a socialist Baptist minister, wrote the American Pledge of Allegiance.  It was originally published as follows:


“I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”


 It was Bellamy’s hope to inspire young citizens to support a Republic, not a Democracy.  A pure Republic would create a nation that was indivisible (not separated into different States of varying laws).  Bellamy knew that if a pure Republic was not established, there could never be true liberty and justice equally for all.

 It was a political and paranoid response to the desire of an American minority—that desired to incorporate fair and just social changes—that altered the original Pledge of Allegiance to include, “under God.” Although Bellamy was a Baptist minister (and his daughter would later vehemently fight to protect her father’s legacy and his original intent for the Pledge), the Eisenhower administration (1954) denied the minority its rights and liberty to be non-religious by changing the words of the Pledge of Allegiance.  Legislating the right to freedom of religion—which includes the freedom to reject religion—began the hypocrisy of the Democratic platform (that of a Democracy).

 The Constitution of the United States must be amended and rewritten to reflect a Republic for which it should stand, not the illusion of a Republic that American politicians have convinced the people is supported by their current Constitution.  It is time to consider a reformation of American law and justice that reflects modern-day ideals and realities.

 The legal protection of each individual’s rights and liberties should be the main emphasis of a righteous constitution.  No group or majority should have the right to deny any individual of that person’s personal persuasion and pursuit of happiness.  This humane policy must be tempered, however, by protecting the rights of one individual from being threatened by the rights of another.  The personal sovereignty and rights of one must end where the personal sovereignty and rights of another begin.

 The sovereignty of individuality cannot be based upon emotional or cognitive beliefs, but upon physical protection.  Just because one sovereign citizen might be doing something that is morally or ethically offensive to another, if there is no physical violation of the offended’s sovereignty, then cognitive morals and ethics should not be considered in laws that protect liberty and justice for all.

 Unfortunately, Democracy has destroyed equal freedom and rights for all.  The U.S. Congress establishes laws by its majority.  The Supreme Court of the United States defines and enforces laws by its majority.  What about the minority and their rights?  Equal protection under the law must take the rights of the minority into consideration.  Fifty-one percent (51%) of a congressional vote should not be allowed to ignore the voice of the forty-nine percent (49%).  Five Supreme Court Justices should not be able to silence the voice of the four dissenting Justices. Without a complete reformation of the Constitution by which these authorities exist—mandating that all decisions must be based on the consensus of unanimity—there can be no true and equal justice under the law for all people.

 American politics and the laws that result therefrom must be established on pure Republican ideals representative of one nation, not separate States, but indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness


 The greatest natural right of any human being is life itself.  There would be no humans without life; and there would be no life without humans.  Plants and animals would exist just fine without humans, but they would never wonder about life nor contrive a word or language to define it.

 The unborn do not have a free-willed choice of life.  We are born by no fault or choice of our own.  We exist as result of the natural urges of the human species.  The support of human life, therefore, is the most important role of a fair and moral government.

 The current U.S. Constitution contains what is known as the Bill of Rights.  The original Constitution did not list any constitutional rights.  It was not until later, after Congress began interpreting the Constitution incorrectly and immorally, that the American leaders realized that they had to include protection of individual rights or democracy would not work as it should.  Bluntly, democracy (where the voice of the majority rules) cannot work if there are five wolves and one sheep trying to figure out what to have for dinner.

 Thomas Jefferson clearly defined the purpose for a Bill of Rights:


“A Bill of Rights is what the people are entitled to against every government, and what no just government should refuse, or rest on inference.”


 Ten amendments were added to the original U.S. Constitution that defined the rights that the leaders at that time thought were most important.  But as government often does, it failed miserably to consider life itself and what laws should exist to support and protect it for each individual.

 The ability to exercise one’s right to religion, to speech, to peaceable assembly, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances is limited if a person was/is homeless, hungry, sick, afflicted mentally, or imprisoned.

 What right to bear arms could possibly be more important to a poor, homeless, hungry, sick, afflicted, or imprisoned person than to use that right to procure the basic necessities of life and liberty for that person and that person’s dependents?

 What need is there to be “secure in their persons,” if such persons are homeless, hungry, sick and afflicted, or in prison?  What “houses, papers, and effects” would then exist to be protected against unreasonable searches and seizures?  Warrants for arrest are most often issued “upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized,” against the poor, homeless, hungry, sick, afflicted and imprisoned.  What need is there for the right to be protected against unreasonable searches and seizures when a person doesn’t have anything to search or seize?

 Without money to pay for the services of expensive and experienced lawyers, what right does any “accused …enjoy…to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense”?

 How can a person with no money or means afford bail once they are arrested?  If “excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted,” then how does this right become relevant to the poor, homeless, hungry, sick and afflicted, and especially those already incarcerated?

 The only part of the Bill of Rights that makes any sense and that equally empowers the people to pursue the proper rights that protect them in life, liberty, and the pursuit of their individual happiness is Amendments IX and X (9 & 10).


Amendment IX

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.


Amendment X

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.


 The Humanity Party (THumP®) calls upon the government to recognize that there are certain rights that are being denied to the people; that the current government does indeed disparage the right of the people to live.

 “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”  “Or” is the conjunction that THumP® considers the most important part.  The people reserve the right to define the rights that are most important to them.

 Most honest politicians are not oblivious to the moral aspects of good government:


“It was once said that the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; and those who are in the shadows of life, the sick, the needy and the handicapped.”

—Hubert H. Humphrey


 No right established by law should supersede the right to the basic necessities that support human life.  No government should exist that does not prioritize the right to life as its number one purpose and protection.

 American hypocrisy demands that an unborn fetus has the right to life.  Yet when born into the world, the basic rights to support that life are withheld and removed once that fetus reaches adult maturity (according to society).

 America has defined itself as a Christian nation based on its belief in the Bible and the stories of “Jesus” therein.  Yet, ironically and hypocritically, this Christian nation fails to understand the words of their own Christ when he, according to their own beliefs, defined the parameters of a “righteous” person who will “inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world,” and a wicked person who “shall go away into everlasting punishment.”

 The Christian parameters of righteousness vs. wickedness, according to their own accepted national faith, completely depend upon, nothing more or nothing less, than how the homeless, hungry, thirsty, sick, afflicted, stranger, and imprisoned are treated.  If their needs are not provided for, then a nation is wicked.  If their needs are provided for, then that nation is righteous.  (See the Bible, New Testament, Matthew, chapter 25.)

 THumP® has a plan to provide meat for the hungry, drink for the thirsty, a place of security for the stranger, health and mental care for the sick and afflicted, and value and help for those in prison.  THumP® has no affiliation with any religion or faith.  We are affiliated with our true humanity and dedicated to the support of human life.

 THumP® has formulated a solution to provide every human with the basic necessities of life from the time of birth to the time of death.  The solution incorporates the best parts of Capitalism and a Free Market economy (based on the right to pursue wealth and greed) with the best parts of Socialism (based on the advocacy that an economy should be owned and regulated by society as a whole).  At this time in human development upon Earth, one economic system without the other would not serve the needs of all people equally.

 America’s incredible innovations and advancements in technology and industry are not a result of regulation and consideration for the whole of humanity.  They are products of greed and the promotion of self-worth through peer recognition. Competition in business motivates innovation; and new development and money rewards it.  Unless the motivation and rewards continue to exist, humans will not advance as they have in the past.

 THumP®’s government outline inserts into the Constitution the inalienable rights to life by providing the basic necessities of life to all, free of charge.  Congress will be forced to implement laws that guarantee these rights.  However, money will always be the issue and concern.

 Humans created money; therefore, humans can control money.  A strong government with the support of the majority of people can regulate money for the best interests of the people.  Politicians depend on the ignorance of the people, and are subjected to their own ignorance, in not properly understanding, implementing, and regulating money.

 Greed can be motivated and controlled by providing corporations and the wealthy with the opportunity to make their money in producing the goods and services that support the basic necessities of human life, instead of providing the military provisions to kill people.  More money is made from war than from any other social event.  Committing the same means and focus to the war on poverty will produce the same results: the United States of America can become the world’s supreme force in winning this war.

 Inflation can and should be controlled.  When John Doe goes to bed after working a long day and earning enough money to buy a loaf of bread, the motivation for him to get out of bed the next day is that by working the same amount of hours he can purchase the same loaf of bread today that he did yesterday.  If, during the night, a group of politicians decides to devalue the money that he earned for that loaf of bread (so that when he wakes up, the money that he earns that day will only buy half of a loaf), one can imagine the emotional affect this inflation will have on John Doe’s mind.  Government should exist and the proper laws be implemented to ensure that the wages for which John Doe works today will be worth the same tomorrow.  And just as important, Government should ensure that the profit made by the Baker yesterday is not increased just because more of John’s neighbors demand a supply of bread.

 As the population of the world grows and more and more cultures become dependent on international trade and the money that is the means of this trade, more money must be created to compensate and account for the growth.  (See Article 1, Section 9a in the “Notes on the Constitution” for an explanation of how this can be done.)

 Providing the people with their basic necessities will not make people lazy.  Emotional health is vital to human motivation.  Children are at their creative best when they have their needs provided for and they are able to use their free will, unforced, in the exploration of their environment.  Children do not like to be forced to do anything.  Being forced is work.  Play is not being forced to do something, but is often more physically and mentally demanding and challenging than work, yet much more enjoyable.  Allowing humans to believe that they are playing with each other at the Game of Life is much more conducive to overall peace and tranquility, than forcing free-willed people to do something that they do not enjoy.  A government can become the ultimate parent or guardian that inspires its children to greatness in their individuality.

 Once there is more money created to increase the basic prosperity of the people, the governmental powers that introduced the money into the economy must and can control its inflation.  More jobs will be created that people look forward to doing when force is not the motivating factor in getting out of bed each morning.  Entrepreneurship, creative thinking, pursuing individual value and self-worth in promoting ideas and personal skills will be rewarded with money, as they have always been.  As more people are given the opportunity of free choice to live and pursue life as they desire, because their basic needs are provided for, innovative businesses, jobs, and increased competition will result exponentially.

 Before life can begin and necessitate liberty to produce the pursuit of happiness, it (life) must be protected, supported, and valued as the most important part of human existence.  The right to life truly is the greatest part of our shared humanity.

Domestic Policy


 Domestic policy should exist to address and solve domestic issues.  Domestic issues are those conditions that affect any citizen’s daily life who lives within the borders and legal Districts of America.

 The problem with our current government’s inability to fix domestic problems is that our politicians’ central focus is on the issues that mainly affect the daily life of those who provide money to their election and reelection campaigns.  Lobbyists, Special Interest Groups, PACs, political peers, mainstream media, and a politician’s own personal prejudices and agenda all directly affect the domestic policies that touch the lives of all citizens.  Current government domestic policy disenfranchises the people who are not involved in a politician’s network of self-protection and political worth (their vote is less valued by the politician).

 The laws that govern people’s lives are formed by lawmakers whose responsibility, ostensibly, is to represent the people’s best interests.  There are literally hundreds of thousands of laws on the legal books that have been added since the inception and ratification of the U.S. Constitution.  Each additional law had to meet the specifications and legal limitations outlined in the Constitution.  If, therefore, a law exists that does not support the best interests of the people and their individual freedoms, then somehow the Constitution, or the interpretation thereof, failed the people.  If lawmakers have interpreted the Constitution and used it to justify their bad laws, then the fact that this is possible illustrates the corruptibility of the Constitution.

 In order for good laws to exist that serve all people equally, and to repeal the bad laws that do not, the Constitution must be revised and rewritten to ensure that there is no way that politicians can misinterpret or usurp it in order to justify their selfish agendas.

 The Humanity Party (THumP®) offers a proposal for a new American Constitution that will help reduce its misinterpretation and abuse by self-serving politicians.  Domestic laws that meet the criteria of their intent—serving all of the people of America equally—will be encouraged and supported by these constitutional reforms.

 America is faced with domestic issues that have remained unaddressed for decades and which cause most of our social problems. These domestic problems include, but are not limited to: drug abuse, domestic violence, health and mental care issues, gun control, unequal application and mistrust of law enforcement, homelessness, poverty, and the lack of educational opportunities.  However, one issue that stands out between America and all other nations upon Earth—is the unprecedented and exorbitant percentage of American citizens who are incarcerated as “criminals.”  One cannot commit a crime unless a law exists that establishes an act as a crime.

 Currently, instead of creating laws that address the primary causes of domestic problems, self-focused politicians remove from society (out of sight, out mind) the result and effect of their bad lawmaking (those termed “criminals”), thereby demonstrating their inability to create laws that aid in crime prevention.

 The U.S. prison system, which includes all State and local Departments of Corrections, has become the prescription to treat the symptoms; but it does not cure the disease nor prevent it from occurring in the first place.  Prisons have become the hospitals for society’s sick, which sickness is caused by failed domestic policies.  Ridiculous prison sentences are the treatment plan prescribed by the politicians whom the people trust to provide a remedy for what ails society.

 Corporations are notorious for the millions that they spend on influencing legislation and putting their candidates into office.  The media, which receives advertising income from corporations, isn’t going to bite the hand that feeds it, seldom presents any honest investigative report on corporate influence in government.  Energy, pharmaceutical, transportation, financial institutions, and gun lobbyists (to name a few) are the obvious main political influencers.  But there is one other, hardly mentioned, that has built more political power and sway than any of the above-mentioned more prominent ones: private prisons.

 To protect the enormous profits made by prison-based corporations in caring (as they pretend) for “criminals,” corporate lobbyists draft and support inhumane legislation that will direct more money to the corporations that sign their paychecks.  The majority of those incarcerated are struggling humans who have violated inhumane laws that do not address their day-to-day efforts to survive.  California’s Three Strikes Law (a law grossly offensive to human decency and morality) is an example of blatant, prison-based corporate influence.  This law legally applies a life sentence to a human who has three times violated laws that politicians have determined are felonies (a criminal factor that can be applied to stealing a loaf of bread).

 The most influential and successful lobbyists are former politicians.  Self-righteous politicians and their constituents, who seldom understand the plight of the underprivileged majority, cannot create a solution to a problem that does not affect their own daily lives.  American politicians must be forced to do the job for which they were elected and for which they are paid—address domestic issues first and foremost.  They were not elected to worry about what their personal image, immediate accumulation of wealth, how the media perceives them, or how they are going to be reelected next term.  They were elected and hired to solve domestic issues—the basic needs of the people!

 Lobbyists and an out-of-control government bureaucracy (the fixed system of government agencies and their programs) affect domestic policy and the laws enacted to address it.  But more devastating and debilitating to domestic solutions, even more so than government bureaucracy and lobbyists, is the Judicial Branch of the Government, which includes all federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.  To guarantee that the courts and law enforcement properly address the rights of the people, the people must take a more active role in their rights (simply by registering to vote and voting “The Humanity Party®”).

 Currently, without sufficient money to purchase the aid of an attorney, the people’s right to seek redress from the government through the courts is limited for the majority.  Without the direct involvement of the people in structuring and implementing proper protocols and authorities, the courts and law enforcement are becoming a law in and of themselves, and will not, cannot, properly serve and protect the people as they were originally designed to do.

 The U.S. legal system is very slow and seemingly nonchalant in its procedures and the way that its courts deal with important social issues.  If the Supreme Court of the United States takes years to render an important decision on a particular domestic issue, or subsequently reverses itself on a prior decision, it does so because of the flawed nature of the Constitution that its Justices have sworn to protect and uphold. Change the government’s Constitution in meaningful ways and change the way that its Branches (Legislative, Executive, and Judicial) do business and there will be little need to “interpret” it or risk its usurpation in the process.

 The underlying issues that affect domestic policy can be solved by an updated and sound Constitution that provides the overall blueprint that politicians will be forced to follow by laws made for the people and by the people.

 A careful study and sincere contemplation of The Humanity Party®’s constitutional proposals (Constitution of the United People of the Republic of America) will give the people the hope that all the issues that affect their daily lives can be properly, quickly, and efficiently addressed.

 It will become constitutionally required by law to address domestic policy.  Congress will be forced to remain in isolation (similar to the way a jury is sequestered until it arrives at a unanimous decision) until the people’s Representatives do what the people expect of them.  Corporations, lobbyists, and special interest groups will lose their power over politics.  The new Constitution forces government to immediately address what the people need in their daily lives.

 If, for example (and this is but one of many examples), Congress is forced by constitutional law to eliminate homelessness, the concentration on providing basic housing to all citizens will motivate each politician to place more focus on being humane.  Being required by law to come to a unanimous decision on all proposed legislation, along with term limitations, campaign restrictions, and constitutionally mandated transparency, politicians will become answerable only to the people.  And if politicians are answerable only to the people, domestic policy will become the main focus of Congress and the legal system.  Without major constitutional reform, there can be no viable changes to domestic policy.

Foreign Policy and Diplomacy


 Nothing is more important and influential to peace on Earth than American foreign policy.  The rest of the world has a love/hate relationship with our nation.  American foreign policy and diplomacy is responsible for how the rest of the world views Americans.  Properly addressing and implementing foreign policy can change the world’s view of America and establish this nation as a Beacon of our shared humanity instead of an Empire that is feared and despised.

 American economic policy controls the world’s economy.  Our government must embrace this fact and shape economic policies that reflect this understanding.  What Americans do affects the world—not arbitrarily as invisible, unnamed citizens of other less-respected countries, but for billions of individual human beings who share our planet and deserve the same rights that we do.  To promote and ensure peace, foreign policy must exist that protects the interests of all of Earth’s inhabitants equally.

 America would not exist without immigration.  Immigration laws that provided America with its first citizens, and which supported their innovative dreams of freedom and prosperity, must be considered in current foreign policy implementation and administration.  Policymakers must take into account the impact that immigration had on the Native American people.  Americans cannot sweep away the totalitarian devastation that was caused by European immigrants on the aboriginal human beings who were already here when America was first discovered.  The needs of a nation’s established citizens must be weighed equally against the needs of those who desire to become a new citizen.  Neither group’s needs can be diminished nor ignored.

 American exceptionalism is an ideology that the United States is inherently different from all other nations; when, in fact, the United States wouldn’t be a nation if other nations had not existed before it.  America has lost its value and the integrity attributed to its most prolific symbol of freedom—the Statue of Liberty.  A portion of the descriptive eloquence that describes her is inscribed thereon:


“Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame, With conquering limbs astride from land to land; Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name Mother of Exiles.


“From her beacon-hand Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.


“‘Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!’ cries she; With silent lips.


“‘Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.  Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!’”


 The Humanity Party® supports radical immigration reform to return America to its former glory and the respect that it will then deserve from all other nations.  In the same way that America opened its doors in the beginning, THumP® proposes constitutional reforms that include humane parameters for immigration in support of the true purpose for which others desire to immigrate to America: the chance for freedom, prosperity, and equality.

 Previously, America has intervened into the affairs of other nations, whose actions might have appeared un-American and inhumane.  In so doing, it has caused the bitterness that exists towards America’s perceived offensive imperialism. Instead, THumP® proposes opening up our borders and welcoming people of all nations to join us as an option to remaining a citizen of an unjust and inhumane society or culture.

 Our foreign policy should end where another nation’s domestic policy begins.  Let other nations and cultures exist respected and protected in their free-willed society.  If their ideology supports actions that Americans perceive as inhumane and an affront to basic human rights, that is their natural prerogative and right.  To use our military might to enforce our ideology on them reduces us to an enemy of humanity instead of its protector.

 In providing a legal way for more people to immigrate to America, or to incorporate American law into their own culture, the people of other nations threaten their own politicians with domestic mutiny.  With the desire to hold on to the power over the people that many foreign dictators, kings, presidents, and politicians have, they will be forced to consider why their citizens want to immigrate to America.  Without military intervention or policing other nations’ governments, America will begin to promote peace with peace.

 How many lives would have been saved during World War II if America had sent its military force to Europe, not to fight, but to extract all humans who did not want to fight and take part in their country’s political strategies and policies?  What if the United States sent its military force to extract the current Iraqi and Syrian people from these countries and offered to them the chance of peace, freedom, and prosperity across the Atlantic Ocean, where it would be much more difficult for domestic terrorism to affect their daily lives?  What message would that send to the governments that exist there?

 If all the good people left, who would be left for the rulers to govern and control for their own selfish reasons?  Would it be more cost effective for the United States to extract the people and provide them with the basic necessities of life—either on American shores or in designated foreign districts under the protection of American law—or to finance war?  How much money is one human life worth?  What if it was your life or the life of your child?  How would you want a government to react?

 The power of American consumerism can dictate change in foreign governments without starting a war.  The supply of goods and services provided by other countries is determined by the demands of the American people.  The power of American consumerism cannot be overstated! If American policy demanded humane treatment of the foreign citizens who supply the goods for American consumption before it demanded the goods, the greed of foreign government officials would then force their own domestic change.

 The Humanity Party® supports the implementation and backing of the strongest and greatest military force that is possible.  However, this force must be used humanely and properly for the protection of peace and prosperity of all humans upon Earth.  But before America sacrifices any American life in support of peace and prosperity, the laws that its military protects must be humane and worth the sacrifice.  No sacrifice of any life should be made except in the support and protection of another life.  None should be made for financial gain.  None should be made for territorial expansion that does not benefit the humans who currently reside in that territory.

 America must remain the most powerful nation upon Earth.  But it must also be the greatest example of our shared humanity.  Foreign policy should only exist to promote this moral example.  In implementing foreign policy, two basic considerations of human existence must be considered: 1) all humans are created equal and should be respected as equal in their respective natural inalienable rights; and 2) governments should only exist to implement, support, and protect consideration number 1.

Protecting the Earth


 It is abundantly clear that the framers of the original U.S. Constitution and the government that became the result, did not account for the way that human life would affect the natural world.  There are many details to consider in protecting human rights while at the same time protecting the earth’s environment.  The Humanity Party® (THumP®) proposes the inclusion of an unprecedented requirement on the legislative powers of government:


Article 1, Section 1


c. Requirement to Protect Earth.  Legislative powers shall be restricted to acts and procedures in the establishment of laws that support the wants and needs of the people proportionate to the support of the natural laws of Earth and its environs.


 An easy example to clearly understand THumP®’s platform on environmental issues vs. human need is as follows:


 There are concerned groups dedicated to the protection of the African elephant.  Elephants are indiscriminately killed for nothing but their ivory tusks.  Other wild animals are also slaughtered to meet the specific wants of certain humans.  There is only one motivation in slaughtering an animal: money or survival.  There is sound evidence that associates the increase in the illegal slaughter of animals to the economic problems of the local people.  If the people don’t have enough food to eat, they will justify killing a wild animal instead of starving, or justify selling a small part of it for money to purchase food.  Government must end human suffering and poverty before it can influence the people to protect other animals over themselves. Greed is not need.  THumP® supports government intervention into and the protection of Earth’s environment, by any means, IF the basic needs of the people are met primarily and proportionally.

 THumP® does not support radical environmental groups that place human safety and need below that of any plant or animal upon Earth.  We believe that Earth’s environment was meant to be controlled for the benefit of its greatest life form—the human being.  However, if in benefiting from it, humans destroy the environment by improper use, then it will eventually become of no benefit to us.  A balance must be reached so that humans can continue to benefit from Earth’s nature while supporting its survival. This must be done by government, its laws, its finances, and its force.  But above all, humanity must remain a government’s number one priority.

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