Contacting The Humanity Party®


All serious inquires and interviews can be scheduled with the Executive Board President, Michael S. Budge or with The Humanity Party® spokesperson, Christopher M. Nemelka. (Please click their names for email link.)

Before one can properly understand how THumP® makes its decisions, it’s important that one know a little bit more about THumP®’s organizational structure: who makes the decisions and who does the work.

There are basically two groups (Boards) that run the Humanity Party®: The Board of Directors and its Executive Board.

THumP®’s Board of Directors (except for Christopher Nemelka as it spokesperson) will remain anonymous and incognito for their safety and peace; mainly so that they can continue to live their lives and do what they do in gathering the information (largely through hands-on, first person, experience) that is important to THumP®’s purpose.

The Board informs, teaches, counsels, and explains world events unlike any other think tank that exists. Christopher is part of the Board, and its only spokesperson, and the only one who will ever be a public figure. He meets with the Board of Directors once per week for as long as it takes for him to be briefed properly, or for him to brief them on the decisions made by the Executive Board

The Executive Board is the legally registered entity responsible for managing THumP®. The Executive Board members make all the decisions regarding how the information is presented to the public. Christopher is also its spokesperson, thus designated properly as The Humanity Party®’s spokesperson.

The Executive Board consists of the following people, each with a distinguishing feature that expresses the unique diversity of the group and their personal passions that qualify them for the job:

The Humanity Party® Executive Board

THumP® has organized an Executive Board that is diversely unique to the people it intends to represent. THumP®’s Executive Board members are:

President: Michael S. Budge

Michael is a highly educated and certified Civil Engineer in training. As a member of the LGBT community, Michael has personally witnessed the prejudice and mistreatment of particular individual rights in the pursuit of happiness.

Vice-President: Lillian Roh

Lillian has been housewife for over 30 years and has successfully raised four children. Lillian is of South American/Mexican descent and has witnessed the injustices and abuses experienced by migrant workers and by those who live in poverty and seek a new life, risking theirs to immigrate to the United States.

Secretary: Kristin D. Davis

Kristin runs a successful medical practice. Kristin is passionate about healthcare reform and the way that government intervenes and controls healthcare to the detriment of the patients who need care.

Treasurer: Monica R. Smith

Monica is the mother of eight children, whom she has raised in a three-bedroom, one-bathroom house in rural America. Monica is passionate about education reform. Some of her children were homeschooled, while others were educated in the public system. Monica oversees the financial records for five different companies.

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